John Oliver Reveals Unbelievable Information on Trump


10 thoughts on “John Oliver Reveals Unbelievable Information on Trump

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    1. Nancy,
      I believe it to be totally true. His first wife discloses an episode where she was raped. Then there is the description of the event with the 13 year old. If you question the allegations, consider who Trump was hanging out with. Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of rape and went to jail. It seems undisputed that Trump was friends with him. W”ho would tolerate thist ype of behavior,…except another pedophile?


  1. Have you considered retracting your suggestion that there should be a minimal intelligence requirement for Americans to have the right to vote? That was outstandingly bad. Otherwise, I wish you luck in bringing down Palin.


    1. Tom,
      I never really advocated such a thing. I understand why you interpreted my comment that way, and I am glad you are offended. It would be the perfect way to corrupt voting in America, and disenfranchise people. It is just so sad to me that people like Palin and Trump can say things and take advantage of ignorant people. Sometimes, I get into discussions with my mother who believes everything she hears on the radio, on conservative talk shows, and I have facts to prove her wrong. She still doesn’t believe me. Facts and logic just aren’t important to her! I am saddened when people are taken advantage of by people who don’t really care about them. For example,when Sarah palin says “Do you Love your freedom?” she gets people riled up. Yet she and Trump advocate taking away American freedoms by the use of torture and banning Muslim immigrants. People don’t realize that they would be taking away freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution if either happened. How do we combat that? Of course an intelligence test would be unconstitutional. I’m not advocating that. I just wish there was a better way to educate voters. I write every day …thinking that I’m doing my part, but the reality is that the number of people reading this blog is insignificant compared to the viewers of Fox news. How can we combat this? I’d love to get your ideas! I’m out of them.


  2. When THE REVOLTRESS said “Lame Duck Session”, that was her rationalizing, deflecting way of saying “I Quit”, and, “Oaths (and rules) apply to everyone but me”.

    It’s the same “look what you all made me do” attitude of abuse and neglect that she learned and experienced from her family, and
    passes on.

    What a mother, what anyone, does not ‘work through’ (let go of) is passed on to her children and those around her – PERIOD.

    And as a Governor, she even refused to come to a ‘complete stop’ and ‘work through’ a sworn-in elected full term.

    That’s bulletproof evidence of her absolute unwillingness to take responsibility for herself.


  3. Is Bristol upset about this? Is she consoling her fellow teen-moms?
    This picture was six years ago and the following have NOT happened in the last six years:
    -an answer as to what newspapers her North-Korean-loving mother reads
    -abstinence for herself, as evidenced by more trial marriages, more birth(s) from her womb, etc etc in the last six years
    -her returning the $262500 to Candie’s, as she was paid to not breed and she bred (that’s how much earth doesn’t want Palins, she is literally paid to NOT populate the planet???!!!!)


    1. Jason,
      That could be Sarah’s next way of making money…asking for money to support the Palins NOT to have any more kids!


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