A Lincoln Portrait- Happy 4th of July!


The national debt is spiraling out of control.

97% of scientists agree that global warming is real, and man is contributing to it.  Yet people still deny it.

As of December 23, a total of 12,942 people had been killed in the United States in 2015 in a gun homicide, unintentional shooting, or murder/suicide.  A majority of Americans favor stricter gun control laws and a ban on assault weapons.  Yet politicians won’t act.

Urban air pollution is on the rise.  The World Health Organization released updated data showing more than 80 percent of city residents around the globe are exposed to particulate pollution in doses that exceed the organization’s recommended limits.   “Urban air pollution continues to rise at an alarming rate.

Education in the US lags far behind many countries around the world.  Sixteen countries scored above the United States in science, and 23 scored above us in math.  Yet 8 of the 10 ten best universities in the world are located in the United States.

In many ways America has the most corrupt government in the world.

Children represent a disproportionate share of the poor in the United States; they are 24 percent of the total population, but 36 percent of the poor population. In 2010, 16.4 million children, or 22.0 percent, were poor.

Violent crime in the United States increased in 13 cities.  Some cities had enormous increases such as Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Charlotte, and three cities (Baltimore, Chicago and D.C.) accounted for more than half of the increases in homicides.  Americans’ level of concern about crime and violence is at its highest point in 15 years, says a new Gallup survey. Fifty-three percent of U.S. adults say they personally worry “a great deal” about crime and violence, an increase of 14 percentage points since 2014.


On average, there are 288,820 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States.


According to a Washington ethics watchdog that just named the Democratic presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, as the top ethics violator of 2015. Yet, Donald Trump is such a vile, bigot, mysoginist, ostentatious, decadent, unscrupulous, dishonest, foul, deceitful, criminal that even Republicans won’t vote for him.  Republican women are going to campaign for Hillary.   Republican politicians recognize that a Donald Trump presidency might be fatal to the country. People around the world consider the Republican Party to be the biggest threat to America’s role as a world leader and to the American way of life.  One person described it this way:

I am completely flabbergasted by what has become of America. In the Republican Party stupidity is admired and encouraged, intelligence and education are viewed as ‘elitist’, money is their God and fear is their motivator. If more people outside the US continue to speak very loudly about this situation, it might help them turn things around. The hate and fear that Fox (NOT news) promotes helped the Republican Party create and fuel the atmosphere threatening America.

The takeover of American conservatism by evangelical Christians, Fox News and a handful of shady billionaires transformed Republicans into the party of willful ignorance where doctrinal purity is more valued than intelligence, tolerance has been supplanted by persecutory moralizing, and paranoia has replaced realism.”


On this the 4th of July, it is important to put everything in perspective.  As bad as things might be in America today, the state of the union seems bright compared to the darkest time in our history, the American Civil War.  Roughly 620,000 men lost their lives in that war, or 2% of the total population.     That represents the greatest loss of American lives of any war…by far. The human cost of the Civil War was beyond anybody’s expectations.  Our young nation experienced bloodshed of a magnitude that has not been equaled by any other American conflict. Most Americans don’t think of Abraham Lincoln as a member of a particular political party.  We think of him as a great American.


Today we need to look for more Great Americans like Abe Lincoln.  I believe they still exist.  If you know one, encourage him/her to run for office.

As a kid, and in college, I played the trumpet.  This was my favorite patriotic tribute to Abraham Lincoln.  James Earl Jones begins his narration at 7:10, and listening today still gives me chills.


4th july gif

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  1. The Federal Government has not produced a legal financial statement for two decades. They cannot account for $8 TRILLION. None of the candidates mention the missing money.


    1. BW
      Some days its hard to find the humor, but we must keep trying. I’ll really laugh when the 2016 election is over!


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