Happy 7th Anniversary to the Quitter

Seven years ago today, Sarah Palin QUIT.  She quit politics.  She abandoned the people of Alaska.  She stopped even pretending to try to make a difference.  She stopped being a politician.

Gosh!  A lot has happened in seven years.

Sarah has been featured as the host on at least two national television shows.

sarah palin's alaska  palin amazing america thumbs up

She renewed her contract at Fox, as a commentator on national news, and then didn’t.

She started a national bus tour, and then quit.

one nation bus tour

She launched the Sarah Palin channel, and then quit.

palin channel on abortion


She appeared in a movie made for a national audience, even though people across the nation refused to see it.

palin undefeated

She proclaimed her daughter’s commitment to abstinence,on national television,

and then on December 24, 2015 she declared that Bristol’s recent child born out of wedlock was the best gift ever.

bristol baby photoshopped

Sarah announced the marriage of her son Track, by announcing she was “on top of the world”.  When Kyla was born three months later, if Palin was still on top of the world, she was remarkably quiet about it.

britta baby shower

When Track and Britta divorced, she was surely no longer of top of the world, but she failed to talk about how hard it was to be at the bottom.

When Track assaulted the expectant mother of his second child, Palin blamed it on PTSD.  It is unclear who she will blame when Jordan gives birth to another Palin grandchild.

If there is one thing that the last seven years has taught us about Sarah Palin, it is that she loves media attention.  Yet Sarah and Bristol have asked that their “privacy” be respected.

As Sarah appears on yet another television show, and may be the host of another courtroom show, it seems apparent that there is never enough publicity for Grandma Palin.

Sarah has violated Federal trademark laws and Federal copyright laws.

NYC, NY 09/11/01 WTCCRASH : Firemen raised a flag where WTC was. -Thomas E. Franklin / The Record

She endorsed Ted Cruz, and campaigned for him.  Then she quit.

palin cruz hug

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives for a campaign event in Phoenix, Arizona July 11, 2015. REUTERS/Nancy Wiechec - RTX1K1CM

She endorsed Carly Fiorina, and campaigned for her.  Then she quit.

palin trump rally

She demanded that one man be fired for using the word “retard”, but defended another for using the word.

Sarah has declared, in an interview with Megyn Kelly, that feminism is over, while claiming to be a feminist.


Yet is was Megyn Kelly that called Trump out for his anti-woman rhetoric, and a 10 year old boy who called Palin out for supporting a misogynist like Trump.

She’s given speeches pretending to know about Ronald Reagan, but proved she doesn’t.


Sarah has attacked Paul Ryan, the leader of the GOP.


At least she’s consistent about trying to hurt the Republican Party.  Palin endorsed Ryan’s competition in the Wisconsin primary, Paul Nehlen.  Whether because of Palin’s endorsement, or just her supremely bad judgment,  Ryan leads Nehlen by a margin of 84-10 among conservatives in the district and 66-22 among moderates. There is also a (ahem) modest gender gap: Ryan leads Nehlen 81-12 among women, and by 76-15 among men.

Sarah Palin quit being a politician seven years ago.  When a Priest quits being a priest, the church stops looking to him for religious leadership.  When a particular brand of ice cream quits making the ice cream free of deadly bacteria,  we stop eating the ice cream.

blue bell

If a person is allergic to shell fish, they stop eating it.


On this the 7th anniversary of Sarah Palin quitting her job as a politician, let’s stop asking for her political opinions about any politician, any political issue, any diplomatic issue, or anyone running for any office.



5 thoughts on “Happy 7th Anniversary to the Quitter

Add yours

  1. At a local neighbourhood event, just saw a T shirt that seems to be dedicated to Ol’ Quittler. The slogan on the shirt read:
    “Quitting is Unacceptable”.


  2. She needs to quit at opening her ignorant mouth. Why does the press continue to report her every idiotic word and exacerbate the problem? John McCain, I hope you lose your senate race.


  3. Malia —
    This has been the longest ’15 minutes of fame’ ever, but that said, maybe it’s ’15 years’ when the person in the spotlight is such a nefarious nincompoop.

    You put it best when you said this: “…let’s stop asking for her political opinions about any politician, any political issue, any diplomatic issue, or anyone running for any office.”

    Ignoring her is the best revenge we can have for her having filled our ears with that voice like chalk on a blackboard. And besides that, MANY ignoramuses have leaped into the vacuum she created when she quit the first time so there are plenty of other morons in our political arena to make up for her absence. RIP, Palin.


  4. When THE REVOLTRESS said “Lame Duck Session”, that was her rationalizing, deflecting way of saying “I Quit”, and, “Oaths (and rules) apply to everyone but me”.

    It’s the same “look what you all made me do” attitude of abuse and neglect that she learned and experienced from her family, and
    passes on.

    What a mother, what anyone, does not ‘work through’ (let go of) is passed on to her children and those around her – PERIOD.

    And as a Governor, she even refused to come to a ‘complete stop’ and ‘work through’ a sworn-in elected full term.

    That’s bulletproof evidence of her absolute unwillingness to take responsibility for herself.


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