The Daily Show Asks How Did We Get Trump?

MUST BYLINE: EROTEME.CO.UK Donald Trump admires pictures of himself from fans as he arrives at the Good Morning America studios  NON-EXCLUSIVE        November 15, 2011 Job:   111115P3    New York, New York EROTEME.CO.UK 44 207 431 1598

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4 thoughts on “The Daily Show Asks How Did We Get Trump?

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  1. Reverse Evolution. Humans are evolving to use more of the brain and intellectual power, less of the animal. However part of the population is morphing in reverse, shunning centuries, even millennia of progress. They embrace the mammal. As a result, a dominant mammal becomes leader of the pack. He leads them against lesser mammals, seizing their territory and keeping the others out.
    There is always a more powerful mammal that rises up to send the current leader off in shame. The Balding Drumpfweiler can be intimidating. It can attract huge packs of hyenas as followers. It is known to attract the Bald Wasillian Screecher. They sense each other’s baldness.
    Neither is a match for the compact Russian Pit Bull, known as a Putin, or the German Long haired Rotweiler called an Angela (hard G).


  2. I support you, Malia, but your above comment was ignorant. An intelligence test as a requirement for the right to vote? Maybe you want to think that through. Good luck in your efforts otherwise.


  3. Your above comment was ignorant. So you want citizens to qualify to vote? Have you lost your mind? I support your work. I loathe S. Palin. But really, what a stupid remark, Malia.


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