Questions Sarah Should Have Been Asked on the Match Game

palin match game

Sarah Palin appeared on the Match Game, a game show.  One of the questions she was asked was:

DN: You’ve been in beauty pageants. How do you feel about Miss Teen USA eliminating its swimsuit competition?

Her answer might surprise you.  Even though she paraded herself in a swimsuit in a beauty pageant, she responded by saying:

SP: I say right on! Good girls! Yeah. You don’t need to be paradin’ around, twistin’ around, showin’ your butt to some judge. Show what you’re made of in a more gracious and a more productive way. I woudn’t necessarily want my girls paradin’ around in a bikini in front of a bunch of judges.

sarah palin swim suit

The real question is how would she answer these questions?

  1.  What two colors is Todd?
  2. What happened to the charges against Track for domestic violence?
  3. What really happened to Todd?

todd and trig and sailor

4.  Was Todd really in the hospital?

palin fat two

5.  What were Piper and Willow laughing about?

willow and piper at hospital

6.  Were you one of the creeps Bristol was talking about?  Why didn’t you blurr out Sailor’s face in your June 26th post?

bristol blurrysailor

7.  Did Bristol demand that you return the ring, or did you sell it back to Dakota?

bristol kissing dakota

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

palin bristol'sring three  bristol and dakota rings

8.  What does Trig call you?

9.  What does Todd call you?

10.  What does Trump call you?

11.  Does anyone in your family have a real job?

12.  What ever happened to that copyright suit?

NYC, NY 09/11/01 WTCCRASH : Firemen raised a flag where WTC was. -Thomas E. Franklin / The Record

13.  What ever happened to that trademark suit?

one nation bus tour

14.  What ever happened to your dog?

trig standing on dog

15. Do you know where Trig is?

bristol trig sailor

16.  Have you fired the person who does your photo-shopping yet?

track amputee

bristol baby photoshopped

17.  What’s Rebecca up to these days?

rebecca mansour two

18.  When was the last time you went to church?

An overnight fire at Gov. Sarah Palin's church, Wasilla Assembly of God, caused an estimated $1 million in damage, and investigators say it could be the work of an arsonist, Saturday, December 13, 2008. (Stephen Nowers/Anchorage Daily News/MCT)

19.  You quit being the Governor of Alaska more recently than you were the Governor.  Why aren’t you introduced as the “Quitter”?

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hugs Alaska Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell after she announced she would be stepping down as Governor in Wasilla, Alaska on Friday July 3, 2009. The former Republican vice presidential candidate made the surprise announcement, saying she would step down July 26 but didn't announce her plans. (AP Photo/The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, Robert DeBerry) ** MANDATORY CREDIT: THE MAT-SU VALLEY FRONTIERSMAN, ROBERT DEBERRY; ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS OUT **

20.  Who is Track’s real father, and what happened to him?

Track Palin - Curtis Menard Jr

21.  Are you going to save money and combine the wedding party of Britta and Jordan?

wedding photo track and britta

22.  What happened to you?

palin zika

23. Do you and Glen keep in touch?

glen rice and palin

24.  You realize that you lost the 2009 election, don’t you?

palin undefeated

25.  Do you still snort cocaine?

joe mcginnis book

26.  Do you and Trump use the same type of tanning lotion?

palin tan hand

MUST BYLINE: EROTEME.CO.UK Donald Trump admires pictures of himself from fans as he arrives at the Good Morning America studios NON-EXCLUSIVE November 15, 2011 Job: 111115P3 New York, New York EROTEME.CO.UK 44 207 431 1598

27.  You realize that you’ve messed up more times than we can count?



14 thoughts on “Questions Sarah Should Have Been Asked on the Match Game

Add yours

  1. Sarah, Nov 2015, “I screw up all the time.” Can you admit fault Malia? Can you admit you lie here? Implicate innocent people by lying about paternity?


    1. Didn’t she say that in response to a reporter asking how she felt about Bristle’s latest illigitimate child? Then she exposed just how many there have been, by saying “The good thing about being a Christian is that the Lord will forgive you, 3, 4, 5 times” 5 babies from Bristles? Please do not come here and defend the racist, immoral PayMe family, we know too much of the truth about them. Malia does not lie, she reports FACTS.


  2. Wow! How the mighty (wanna-bees [sic]) have fallen! $he is so desperate for publicty, that $he has to go to a game show. Just WOW!

    As to Alicia above… Time to inform her elderly parents that it is time to pull the plug for her Internet connection!


  3. Malia – Good one! I could sit here all day and come up with questions to ask the Wasilla loon. I think she is slipping further into madness and her speech in Colorado confirmed it (i.e. “splody heads keep splodn”. LOL
    For the troll with many names, Malia doesn’t lie. But, the Palins do – about everything!


    1. Sharon,
      Iagree. She is slipping. It used to be she’d say something stupid, and later try to explain herself. Now she says stupid things, and doesn’t even try to explain!!!


  4. I know that finding something suspicious in a Palin pic is getting to be almost boring, but I just enlarged the one of Tawd and the kids, and it looks fishy. For one thing, that doesn’t even look like his face. And his shoulder and arm look like he’s wearing a brace or a cast under the sleeve. He’s not holding Sailor, she’s propped up against his oddly stiff arm. Not really safe. Did his beat down happen sooner than they let on, or WTF? By the way, doesn’t Guv. Quittypants’ face look a bit puffy this week? New cosmetic procedure, or just the booze catching up?


  5. Malia,
    I can’t believe what a freeloading loser she is. Do you realize she is a bum? She has never gotten a job since she QUIT as a two year only governor. And remember how she constantly says she hates Hollywood and the media? Well, why does she go on TV so much then? She is a continual LIAR and also there is something wrong with her MENTALLY. The same goes for Bristol and Track.


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