Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal: Part X: Redacted Documents Might Be the Key!

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

For a complete background see this article:

boys will be boys two

As indicated in the last post, the outcome of this suit lies largely in the hands of the Federal Magistrate, Judge Cummings.  He will decide how much corruption the American people are willing to tolerate.

judge cummings

The following documents are just a few of the documents that HAVE been produced that suggest there might be some significant revelations if the documents were produced in their entirety.  For example, Shailey Tripp indicated that at the infamous meeting at the bagel shop where she was introduced to David Chaney by Todd Palin, there were five people.  Todd, Shailey, and three men.  She didn’t remember the names of the men.  However when the Colombia scandal broke, and this picture surfaced of David Chaney,

david chaney and palin

she immediately recognized him.  We know from the documents produced that there were three Secret Service agents in Alaska, assigned to guard Sarah Palin.  It would make sense that the other two men at the bagel shop were the other two agents.  Because the Secret Service has redacted virtually all names in the documents (including Chaney’s) I am unable to identify the other two agents.  Consequently, I am unable to ascertain whether in the investigation of my report, and the statement given by Shailey Tripp, included an interview of the other two agents assigned to guard Palin.  These documents indicate that the information redacted might be quite significant:


000100-000101-Redacted list of people interviewed regarding these allegations.(NOTE THESE PAGES WERE OUT OF ORDER)

Thus, there are documents that identify who was interviewed regarding my Hotline complaint.

000120—On April 30, 2012 ATSAIC___DHS-OIG, forwarded a DHS Hotline complaint (Attachment 357) to acting SAIC ______ regarding an allegation made by Malia Litman against ATSAIC Chaney.  The information in Ms. Litman’s complaint to DHS-OIG is similar to the information she provided to Inspector ________ on April 25, 2012.

My FOIA request is contained in the documents produced.

000378 –My FOIA Request re David Chaney

The very next page indicates that an investigation was conducted on Feb. 14, 2013.  The total search time was ONE HOUR.  That means that seven months had passed before my request was even processed, even though by law it was required to be done in 20 days.  Even though the search was completed in the space of one hour, no documents were produced.

000379—Search Date 2-14-13 Total Search time 1 hr.  search date 2-14-13

secret service badge

It was Feb. 19, 2013, just five days later, on a Tuesday, that I was told that my FOIA requests were going to be processed.  Then on Monday, Feb. 25th, just 6 days later, just three working days after the Feb. 19th letter, I was told that the document were NOT going to be produced due to “ongoing enforcement proceedings.”  When there were never any ongoing enforcement proceedings, I filed another request, specifically asking for documents that revealed what they were talking about.  To date not one document has been produced to reveal any “ongoing enforcement proceedings.”  It is amazing that such a lie can be used with total impunity!!!!!


Other documents that have been produced reveal the corruption that we suspected:

000588-Memo of AT Smith  Oct. 2, 2012 “Investigative Support Division” statistics reveal that employees of the SS operating official vehicles have been involved in 466 motor vehicle accidents over the last 12 months.  A concerning 113 of these accidents involved an official vehicle striking the rear of another vehicle.  Statistics show that the cause of such accidents can be attributed to inattention or distraction of the driver.


Other documents reveal that the charges assessed by the hotel for having a prostitute in a room were added to the bill.

000758—hotel charged over-night fee to his bill

000853-hotel charged fee of 50,000 pesos which I charged to my room

The taxpayers paid for the prostitutes of the agents referenced in these documents.

It seems that alcoholic beverages were thought to be reasonable expenses for agents on assignment.  Because some of the documents reveal excessive consumption of alcohol, it seems obvious that tax payers pay the expense of agents getting drunk.  Then when they drive drunk and damage government vehicles, we pay for that too!

002787,002788,002789,002790. 002791, 002792, 002793, 002795, 002797, 002798, 002799,002801, 002802, 002803, 002807, 002808,  002809, 002819, 002825,  all bills from hotel that show  beer and liquor charged to taxpayers

11 thoughts on “Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal: Part X: Redacted Documents Might Be the Key!

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    1. Interestingly, Paul Rakowski’s wife – Amy Digeso – was once ‘Managing Partner, Human Capital’ at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Rakowski was the mastermind behind criminal enterprise Beckett Brown International (BBI) which he hatched and launched while Regional Supervisor of the U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Division. Some of your followers have alleged that Rakowski and his partner in crime Richard Beckett have used Todd’s hookers for blackmail and extortion crimes against high-profile individuals…


      1. John,
        …and you can predict that they did, given all the corruption we can document, in spite of thousands of pages of documents that are still not being produced.


  1. So I’m guessing these SS agents did not have a travel per diem….
    And who signs off on their expense reports and views their receipts for expenses…. This is just ridiculous and one wonders why congress cuts budgets…these boys keep their secrets well.


    1. avahome,
      I think they do get a travel per diem sometimes, and others, the government picks up the total bill…like in Colombia when they pay for the hotel bills of everyone. I also think they have a government issued credit card, and those charges are not reviewed carefully. Interestingly, none of David Chaney’s credit card bills have been produced, even though requested. I suspect there is a charge on them for a bagel shop in Alaska.


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