Palin and Trump Fail to Even Attempt to Unify Their Own Party

George Bush addressed the 9-11 attack on the United States.  He declared a War on Terror.

He addressed Congress.  He acknowledged that there are peaceful Muslims around the world. “The enemy of America is not our many Muslim or Arab friends.”

He was adamant that “You’re either with us, or you are with the enemy.”

Without doubt Donald Trump was against George Bush.

Bush is not only opposed to Trump as President, but he has announced his refusal to attend his own Party’s Convention.

Sarah Palin said today in Colorado: “At such a time as this, you cannot be lukewarm. We’re going to take our country back and you’re either with us or against us.”

According to Fox News,the “fair and balanced” news source, over 50% of Republicans want someone other than Trump as their nominee.  Even the majority of Republicans are “against” Trump.


fox news anchors

People across the country are protesting appearances of Trump.

This was the scene today in Colorado at the Western Conservative Summit.

This was the scene in St. Louis.
This was the protest that turned violent in Orlando.
This was the fight in Tuscon Arizona:
This is a compilation of protests and fights, many of which were instigated by Trump himself.
This was the scene in San Diego.
These were the people screaming in Anaheim.
This is another compilation:
This was the scene in San Jose where a knife was used by a protester.

“Sarah Palin is a hatemonger who appeals to ugliest elements of American society. Before there was Donald Trump, there was Sarah Palin.”


Abraham Lincoln said: “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”

The rhetoric of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump incites rather than calms.  Instead of urging Americans to come together, he pushes them apart.  Whatever people think about President Obama, he ran for President on a message of the critical importance of unifying the country.

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin don’t even attempt to unify their own party.

4 thoughts on “Palin and Trump Fail to Even Attempt to Unify Their Own Party

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  1. Your post doesn’t surprise me at all. The truly frightening thing to me is not dumb and dumber (Palin and trump) but the very real possibility that there are enough people to vote for them to make them President and Vice President of the USA.


    1. georgiakevin,
      It is frightening! With all we know about Sarah Palin, eight years after her nomination, and seven years after she quit, we still have reason to be afraid!

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  2. I don’t think Trump ever really wanted to be President. Running was a game, a way to get attention for his “brand”. Unfortunately for Trump and the rest of us, the Republican field was very weak and Trump tapped into something early on and it just kept growing. I honestly think he had been looking for a way out while saving face but didn’t find it in time so he just upped the bigotry, the word salad and fanned the flames of the protesters all the while hoping it would all just go away. I never understood why Romney wanted to be President either. Here you have a ton of cash, homes all over the place, a life of entitled privilege and you want to give that up to be constrained with the duties and crazy schedule of the President? I am the same age as Obama and after 8 years, I look more or less the same. Look at him, 8 years in office have certainly changed his appearance. Michelle still looks beautiful! And please, please, please let him pick Newt as VP – Clinton will destroy him.


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