Chris Christie is Trump’s Sarah Palin

It looks like Trump is vetting Chris Christie to be his Vice Presidential running mate.




This video give you an idea of the respect, or lack thereof, that Trump has for Christie.


Sarah Palin seems to lack any respect for Christie as well.


3 thoughts on “Chris Christie is Trump’s Sarah Palin

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  1. Chris Christie is one of the few people who are willing to join this ticket to the circus. Most “name” Republicans are running in the opposite direction, but Chris has been faithfully kissing up since he quit hating TRump. When he was so delusional that he thought he had a chance at the big prize. He couldn’t pass the Willard Romney vetting process. That was before Bridgegate. Then again, TRump isn’t the most ethical guy in the world, so who knows. I loved it when the Romney/Ryan families were too overcome with stunned denial to leave the hotel room and concede. When this guy loses, it’s gonna be epic. EPIC.


    1. catwoman,
      I think this signals the end of Chris Christie.If he’d just gone quietly away after Bridgegate, he might have survived, but not after being aligned with Trump!


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