Does Dakota Meyer Need “Kick Ass Gear” Now That He’s Married?

“Yes Sir!” Dakota Meyer, Bristol’s husband, and Medal of Honor winner, seems to be enamored with guns and “kick ass gear.”  It’s as if he still feels he is a soldier still at war.  Is he fearful of his in-laws?
palin gun sightdakota meyer swordtodd palin sunglasses
Does he feel he needs protection from his wife?
bristol gunbristol shooting range
On June 25th, shortly after returning from his honeymoon,  Dakota Meyer featured a picture and link in Facebook post to a “survival gear” site.
dakota meyer kick ass gear
When you click on the picture you go to this site.

It’s a site that sells monthly “KICK ASS GEAR” designed by special ops soldiers that would help any soldier during combat.  They ship “Special Operations tested and hand picked gear straight to your door step.”  For example the tools featured in Dakota’s picture include a “handcuff shim” and tool to pick a lock.  While these tools might be handy to have if you were a soldier in Afghanistan, or a tourist planning to travel to North Korea, or a member of a Colombia drug cartel, it seems bizarre for the average American to feel a need for such tools.  In fact, these are the type of tools that would be particularly useful to a criminal  who was planning to break into a house, or remove handcuffs used by police to make an arrest after the burglary.  It’s like feeling a need to own an assault weapon. “Why?”  It’s the criminals in our society that would have a real use for these tools.  Even if the average Joe owned them, what are the chances that he’d have access to these tools if he were ever taken prisoner?  If you keep these tools in your wallet, would you ask your abductor to let you get your tools out of your wallet before he restrained you?  Most people who own an assault weapon wouldn’t take it with them when they went out to a bar…like the Pulse!

dakota meyer hostage escape card

Moreover when weapons and tools like this are owned by civilians, who is most likely to be injured by the weapons?


dakota meyer gun baby


A gun is a necessity. Who knows if you’re walking down a street and you spot a moose?” Pat Paulsen

Hostage Escape Card

9 thoughts on “Does Dakota Meyer Need “Kick Ass Gear” Now That He’s Married?

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  1. God.
    He is creepy. But considering the little simple minded twat he married, I guess creepy would have to be a prerequisite.
    Ex.: Picture him picking a lock on his handcuffs in his now famous onesie footed pajamas. Nipple on Jim Beam bottle in background.


  2. Dakota will fit right into the loony Palin clan: he’s already a narcissist and
    short on IQ digits with dubious social skills.

    Winning an award in the military is not synonymous with being a useful citizen OR being a good parent and husband, as we will learn, assuming his marriage to Potty-Mouth lasts long enough to register.


  3. Half of the country has PTSD from being fed a bunch of lies about all of the danger lurking around the next corner. “Land of the observed. Home of the paranoid.” We add to the trauma in soldiers with all of the BS about threats. Thus, a decorated veteran with PTSD up in BF Alaska feels a huge fear of terrorists attacking.


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