Sarah Palin Exposes Herself as an Uncaring Grandmother

Five days ago, June 23, 2016, Bristol pretended to be so concerned  about the safety of her children that she edited out Trip’s face and blurred the face of Sailor.  Bristol explained:

as much as I want to show off my kids, there’s been too many creeps recently, so I’m trying to keep the safe by not posting pictures of them, so hard but their safety is our No. 1 priority!!”

bristol blurrysailor


However you’ll be relieved to know that the creeps must have left Alaska.  Grandma Palin has posted this picture of Sailor standing in the hands of her father.




The picture of Sailor proves two things.  (1) Sarah doesn’t feel the need to blur Sailor’s face. (2)The fact that Sailor is standing, and balancing in her father’s hands, would be consistent with a baby born in November, rather than the end of December of 2016.  If Sailor had been born in December, she would just now be 6 months old.  ” Usually at about 9 months babies start to pull themselves up from a sitting to a standing position while holding onto something like a piece of furniture. This is followed by a time of testing how to balance, while they’re holding onto less and less often. 

Most babies can stand by 1 year, usually with their feet quite wide apart and their hands held high to balance.”

Thus this picture is much more consistent with a child born in early November.  Grandma must have thought nobody would notice?

bristol palin's iv hand from dakota meyer's facebook page  bristol baby photoshopped

18 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Exposes Herself as an Uncaring Grandmother

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  1. This doesn’t surprise me but doesn’t she claim to be among those who espouse fa
    mily value? Isn’t protecting your children a principal of family values?


  2. First, I don’t believe Bristol is blurring the face as much as she’s blurring the skin tone, which is kind of an inconvenient truth at this point.
    Second, one of my kids was an extremely nimble bug as an infant: he could push himself up to an unsupported stand at 6.5 months. But at 6.5 months even he could not have stood like Sailor is standing in that picture. The overall size and development is totally wrong for 6 months, also too.


    1. Debbie,
      Yes, it is laughable to think that blurring one picture would cause the baby to be unrecognizable after the many photos posted on the internet.


  3. The first thing that hit me was the posture of this six month old baby. Sarah is such an idiot, posting this photo. It is an in your face aimed at Barstool’s latest post about blurring the face. It also blows the cover on the fake birth date. That too may be a subconscious shot at Barstool. Sarah eats her own if they feels they are stealing the limelight.


  4. How on earth did Bristool take that picture of that little girl on that guys hand while she was getting banged by dudes from both ends. Did she take a photography evening class after her dermatology shift?


    1. hero,
      Given the light it appears to be the middle of the day. Poor Dr. Jack Me Off is wondering where his helper is.


  5. Yes, I had a precocious child – she would pull herself up, but was not able to stand virtually unaided at the ripe old age of six months. She did walk unaided though, at nine months old. When she started pulling herself up, she would be spread-legged, and definitely not with her legs together like Sailor, and also not with her hands down like her. I cannot explain it well enough, but her hand position is not correct for a child her supposed age. The hands would be higher up and… different.


  6. When Sailor’s hair finally grows, Bristol will give her haircuts to hide the curls. Bristol has probably invested in plenty of skin lightener.


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