Sarah Palin is Like a Child

James Carville once described Sarah Palin as “uniquely and supremely unqualified” for the office of vice president.

palin crazy fartknocker

BW sent us this link to an article in the Daily Beast featuring an interview by James Carville of Sarah Palin.  The headline read “Sarah Palin Takes Credit for Donald Trump’s Rise.”  However its not headline news that Palin is quick to take credit for any success of any politician, but she is noticeably silent  when someone she has associated herself with, loses an election.

Just to name a few, remember:

Joe Miller

miller murkowski

Vaughn Ward

Sarah Steelman

palin steelman serving food

Rob Maness

palin alligator

Sharon Angle

Carly Fiorina

carly fiorina

John McCain

mccain and palin

And the list goes on and on.  Sarah Palin is like a child.  She gives herself credit for any team she plays on that wins, and blames somebody else anytime the team loses.  It’s like saying she remains “Undefeated” even though she lost.  She quit before she ran for office again, so she could remain the Undefeated Governor of Alaska.

palin undefeated

The ironic thing is that it was a child who asked Sarah at the Carville interview about how she could reconcile “hating” countries that treat women badly, and yet endorse Donald Trump who is known for treating women with disrespect and disdain.  (see video at 48:33).



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  1. Malia — You brought back several painful memories of wacko Republicans who are like the Undead. I fear their return, empowered by skinheads, the KKK and other undesirable elements of our society who will be upset when Trump the Bigot is defeated in November. It seems that intolerance is a new American ‘value’.


  2. You can leave out the word “like”.
    Other things she also “is”:

    Untreated Drug Addict
    Destroyer Of Social Bonds Between Individuals And The Community
    Untreated Incest Survivor
    Consumed By Rage Which Is Her Responsibility Alone


  3. Wow, brought down by a ten year old. She did not answer the question. She never addressed the blood quotation. Looked like the wig was ready to bail out.


  4. Malia I beg to differ but I feel I must. The 10 year old boy is obviously Sarah without her belmonts and her wig.

    The person with a wig is the scarecrow from the wizard of oz. he is going through a very unsuccessful sex change.

    I think it is in bad taste to not support a transgendered 110 ten year old young man. He is finding is path in life.


    1. painchipeater,
      You are right of course! The person was just pretending to be a boy, as we know that anyone who would take sides with women would have to be female!


  5. Well a little bird told me that her Daddy raped a baby way back in the 1960’s that caused a divorce when the baby was just 2 years old!
    Well now when that hits the Alaska courts – what will ol Sarah do now?
    Watch the case cause her to play the victim card – it would explain a lot!
    She acts like she was raped since….


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