If Trump Picks Palin, How Will He Pay For Her Clothes?

trump kills gop

A Billion Dollars is more money than the average person can even imagine.  For example, you could buy a brand new Boeing 747 for a mere $347 Million.  That means you could probably negotiate a discount if buying three for a flat billion dollars.  Presidential campaigns are so expensive, that the average person can’t imagine the size of the price tag.  It is well known that the more a candidate spends on their election campaign, the more likely they are to win. This means that every year more and more money is spent. It has been said that the 2016 election will pale the amount spent in 2012 ($2.6 billion total from both Obama’s and Romney’s campaigns; those number don’t include the primary campaign spending).

Because the Presidential campaign is so expensive, it is important to consider the “cash on hand” of Donald Trump.  He has only $1,620,893.  By way of contrast, Hillary Clinton has $88,944,400 cash “on-hand.” That means Hillary has more than 50 TIMES AS MUCH CASH ON HAND!

Highlighting the problem consider the difference between Romney’s campaign in 2012 and Trump’s.  A mere 29 people who contributed to a super PAC supporting Republican Mitt Romney’s presidential bid four years ago have donated money to support Trump.  That accounts for about 2% of the more than 1,400 people who donated to the pro-Romney Restore Our Future during the 2012 election.

If Trump nominates Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate, he may have just enough to pay for clothing for Grandma and Grandpa Palin and all their offspring.

4 thoughts on “If Trump Picks Palin, How Will He Pay For Her Clothes?

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  1. OK, make that $1,270,893 after Sarah’s usual $350,000 wardrobe tab. Trump selecting Palin is the equivalent of a cabinet maker getting termites and woodpeckers as pets.


  2. So sad that so much money that COULD be helping the disadvantaged is used to play the game of politics.

    As for dRUMPf, the wounded elephant should take the gun away from him.


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