Scots Tell Trump and Palin to Kiss Their Asses!

 Never before has there been a more telling demonstration of the hatred of Donald Trump around the globe than his recent trip to Scotland.

ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND - JULY 10: Donald Trump arrives for the opening of The Trump International Golf Links Course on July 10, 2012 in Balmedie, Scotland. The controversial ?100m course opens to the public on Sunday July 15. Further plans to build hotels and homes on the site have been put on hold until a decision has been made on the building of an offshore windfarm nearby. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Even before he arrived, the people of Scotland were unhappy about the upcoming Trump appearance.  Trump’s attempts to evict his neighbors, his opposition to an offshore wind farm, and now his bombastic presidential campaign, turned Scottish national opinion decidedly against him.  “Scottish leaders see Trump as a representative of the same unexpectedly strong forces that favor Thursday’s Brexit referendum, which is opposed by the leaders of all major Scottish parties and endorsed by only two world political figures outside the U.K.: Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who wants to weaken the EU.”  That attitude was demonstrated as Trump stepped up to the microphone at a press conference on the ninth hole of the course. Before Trump had a chance to tell everyone how rich he is, how great he is, or how high his poll numbers are, a man wearing a Turnberry sweater jumped up to apologize for having forgotten to hand out golf balls to the crowd.  He then tossed dozens of red golf balls featuring a black swastika in Trump’s direction.   Trump then spoke to the world, standing in a sea of Nazi golf balls.

AYR, SCOTLAND - JUNE 24: Comedian Lee Nelson is taken away by security while holding golf balls stamped with swastika as he protests against Presumptive Republican nominee for US president Donald Trump a he gave a press conference on the 9th tee at his Trump Turnberry Resort on June 24, 2016 in Ayr, Scotland. Mr Trump arrived to officially open his golf resort which has undergone an eight month refurbishment as part of an investment thought to be worth in the region of two hundred million pounds. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Had the Scottish people known what Trump would say while in Scotland, they might have thrown the golf balls at him.  While in Scotland Trump tweeted that people in Scotland were “going wild” following the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.  Predictably many Scots were angry about Trump’s remarks as Scotland actually voted to remain in the EU!  All 32 council areas and a total 62 percent of Scots backed the UK to remain in the EU,  in contrast to the U.K. as a whole, which voted 52 percent to 48 percent for “leave.”  Dozens of Twitter users branded Trump a “moron,” “weapons-grade plum” and “idiot.

“Scotland has delivered a strong, unequivocal vote to remain in the EU, and I welcome that endorsement of our European status,” said Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Ironically it is possible that Scotland may be in a position to block the UK’s exit from the EU.  According to amendment of section 29 of the Scotland Act 1998, the Scottish Parliament’s consent would be required to allow the UK to exit from the EU.   Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told the BBC that the Scottish Parliament could try to block the UK’s exit from the EU. As a reminder, unlike England where the vote went 52% to 48% in Brexit’s favor, in Scotland the picture was vastly different with 62% backing Remain and 38% wanting to go. And as predicted, the Scottish National Party leader, who went through her own UK independence referendum  two years ago and is now considering yet another referendum, said that “of course” she would ask MSPs to refuse to give their “legislative consent”.

The withdrawal of the UK from the EU has resulted in chaos in global markets.

This vote represents the ” worst step backward for Europe — and for Western civilization — since the end of World War II.”


The trip of Donald Trump to Scotland may help make Europe great again.  Simply, the promotion of the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU by Donald Trump and Sarah Palin may spur the people of Scotland to unite, telling Trump and Palin to kiss their asses!



2 thoughts on “Scots Tell Trump and Palin to Kiss Their Asses!

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  1. Palin is still trying to find Southern Ireland.

    One of the amor points coming out of the Brexit vote was the countries that voted to stay. Trump’s best brain missed that minor fact. He is not a weapons grade plum, he’s a weapons grade Dorito.
    Funny how the Scots picked up on his weapons grade look. He is the exact color of yellow cake uranium.


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