The 2016 Katie Couric Interview of Sarah Palin

In 2008 American woke up to the horror of Sarah Palin becoming the Vice President as a result of the Katie Couric interviews of Sarah Palin.  If the Donald taps her I imagine what the 2016 interviews would look like:

2008-What do you read–

2016 Answer:  I knew you were goin ta ask me that questun, so here, I’ve saved the last page of everi buk Ive bin readin, an that whey you’d no that I rud the hole thingy.  My favurite is the same on Senaturs read:

cruz green eggs ham

As fer news papers I’ve cut out picters from all of them to show you what I’ve been readin…..


funny news one  funny news two funny news three  funny news fourfunny news five


Are you a feminist?

2016 Answer:

I’m a feminist, but I dunt have blud comin out of anywhere.  I’m a grandma fer God’s sake.


Do you have any foreign policy experience, now that you haven’t served in any position since 2009?

2016 Answer:

I’ve bin hitchin all over the wurld.

palin amazing america season two picture


What do you think about the economy?

2016 Answer:

Everi Americun I’m speakin with …we’r ill about the steak of the economy.  Jest luk at mi family …nun r employed.  Todd, Track, Willow, Piper, Trig…none of em have jobs.  The onli job Brisdul can git iz workin fer that Dr. Jack Me Off, and he do sent need her ful time. She gits bout an hour a day.


What other Supreme Court cases are you aware of besides Roe vs. Wade?

2016 Answer:

You no Mr. Trump has been involved in 169 lawsuits and not 1 has made it to the US Supreme Court.  That tells u somethin.


What is it that the Vice President does?

2016 Answer:

I dunno, but I no what I’m gunna do.  Make the President a blueberry pie

palin pie flourless two

an learn him ta hunt.


No doubt if Palin is Trump’s running mate she’ll have to explain her description of Paul Revere.

Fortunately she’s already got that answer prepared.


9 thoughts on “The 2016 Katie Couric Interview of Sarah Palin

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  1. Damn! Sittin’ there the whole time. None of em have jobs. So how do they survive with no money coming in? They seem to travel a lot, stay in nice hotels, and the ladies, with no fashion sense, always have new clothes. Where do they get the money. Mom must have a huge cell phone bill, always fiddling with a bunch of electronic devices.

    So how do those PACs work? Do you really have to give all the money to political campaigns? Does anyone monitor those PACs to make sure people aren’t using them to scam donors?


    1. aj,
      I thinkthe rules regarding PAC spending are so liberal that there is only a minimal requirement that the money be donated to a campaign.


    2. I think her PAC has spent something like 2% on supporting politicians. The rest all went to herself, her family, and her friends.


  2. Nearly as many days have passed (2856) since the interview as were people killed in 9/11 (2977, not including the hijackers).

    And we still don’t know what newspapers she reads.


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