If Trump Picks Palin He Could Drop to Single Digits!

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Donald Trump …they do.  Just when you thought he couldn’t drop faster in the polls, he does.  Just when you thought Sarah Palin would never be close to being nominated for the Vice President, she moves closer.  No doubt Donald Trump is positioning Sarah Palin to be considered a running mate.  Consider what a choice of Sarah Palin would mean for Trump!

Almost half of all voters report that they would be less inclined to vote for Donald Trump if he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, according to a new poll by Monmouth University.  The poll indicates that Palin would have the most negative impact on Trump’s presidential bid of any candidate he could choose.

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Trump’s poll numbers are already so low that if they were cut in half, they might be reduced to single digits.  If the truth comes out about Todd Palin, the only people that would be left to vote for Trump might be the members of the Secret Service.

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    1. John,
      Funny that you should ask today. Long story short, the OIG has sent 8000 pages to the Secret Service for processing. The Judge had dismissed the Secret Service from the case, so now we may have to try to bring them back in as it appears that they didn’t act in good faith to try to locate all responsive documents!


      1. The Secret Service ‘Culture of Corruption’ is matched only by the USSS ‘Culture of Cover-Up’ since 1994 when criminal enterprise Beckett Brown International (BBI) was hatched and launched INSIDE the U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Division by Regional Supervisor Paul Rakowski just before he retired to run BBI…


  1. Malia, I think we need to censor this notion until scientists have a better understanding of Black Holes and the Bermuda Triangle. There’s a combination of ego and ignorance that could implode and make stuff disappear, pulling in whole cities.


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