Track Purposefully Crops Photo of His Leg

Fed-up with the creeps on line, Track posted a heartwarming photo of himself missing a leg.  Track declared that he intentionally cropped the photo to protect his right leg from the creeps on  line.

track amputee

The safety of his leg is the number one priority of the proud owner of two legs.  Creeps on line have recently targeted his right leg.  Before hiring a leg-guard Track has opted for the interim step of cropping his right leg out of all photos posted on line.  For some reason the creeps on line don’t seem interested in his left leg.

He and Bristol have taken matters into their own appendages.  By cropping out the leg that has been the subject of online photos for years, Track is hopeful that creeps will forget what his right leg looks like.  For at least seven years Track has posted pictures of his body online, with and without clothes.  No More!!!

track palin tatoos

Thank God Bristol has another child to feature in on line photos, for the next seven years.  After seven years of Sailor photos,  Tripp may have a child of his own, so we can enjoy seven years of photos of his child while Sailor’s image needs to be cropped for her protection!

bristol cropped head of tripp

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  1. Malia – Good one, and I love this blog! Thank you for all you do.
    Bristol is claiming too many “creeps” on social media and that she will be cutting back on posting photos of her children. So, what does she do? She posts a photo of herself, Dakota, Sailor, and Tripp. Of course, the photo was altered to blur Sailor and only the top of some kid’s head was shown so we can’t be sure if it’s Tripp in the photo. If Bristol’s claim about “creeps” were true, and if she were so damned concerned about her children and their safety, why in the hell would she post a photo of her children? Bristol and Dakota crave attention and what better way to get free media coverage than through Sailor and Tripp? There isn’t anything this family of “creeps” wouldn’t do to get attention.


    1. Bristol looks worse since posing with the guy Sarah found for her. She never had any authenticity.

      Jordy is the one who is good with Photoshop. I am surprised if Sarah doesn’t use her internet skills. Her grandfather is a famous Navy Seal from earlier times. Vietnam, she had a post about him and the history. She and Track want to look more Navy since the Army was a big mistake or lie.

      I suspect there will me more Sailor themes with the Palins. It is the wave of their future.


  2. They are probably trying to get a reality show, about their “love”. That is why there are no wedding photos, saving them for the non-existing reality show. IF, and it is a BIG IF, they really are married, who attended the wedding? Were any of his relatives there? Are ALL her kids residing with her now that she snagged a clueless guy who does not mind sloppy seconds (thirds, fourths, fifths and so on and so forth)? Two not very attractive, not too bright lazy asses, looking for an easy way to get rich. GET JOBS, both of you.


  3. Jordy had great potential and a wealthy family that could give her the best education.

    Her family is in a position to help her escape now. I wonder what is stopping them? Her grandfather was no slouch and I hear he is still going strong as a Bush Pilot in Alaska. If he didn’t abuse his wives, he would not think well of his grandchild’s situation with Track. He would have influence as the patriot of the family. So it would seem.
    If Jordy wasn’t prevaricating or making things up he is and was quiet a hero.

    Grandfather’s history.


  4. SPHASH posted this from People Magazine: “Bristol Palin’s Father’s Day gift to husband Dakota Meyer is one very big, very sweet “thank you.”

    “Happy Father’s Day!! Thank you for putting our family first, working so hard, and giving our kids the most solid foundation,” Palin, 25, wrote Sunday on Instagram along with kids. …”

    They supposedly have been ‘married’ for less than a week or two, after a contentious court battle, and all of a sudden, Duhkotah is ‘working hard and giving *our* (!) kidS the most solid foundation’??? How the heck is that possible?! He has been in Tripps life for maybe a month last year, and for a week or two now, and he does all that?!
    Where is all the hard work that his real father and his stepmom have put in, to make his life at least *seem* to be more orderly???

    Sorry, but this simply riles me to no end, and I do have to stop here, before I say something I might regret later!


    1. FEDUP!!!
      It’s more like a Disney movie than real life. A normal family would take time for the new dad to build a relationship with Tripp, but in a movie you just don’t have time for that boring stuff.


  5. I am confused – is this missing leg thing satire? With all due respect, I actually can see Track’s right leg in that upper photo. It’s a weird shot, for sure, but that leg is indeed there. Apologies. I probably just need to take a nap and hope my funny returns.

    As for Bristol’s weird cropping of Tripp, here are my theories:

    Tripp has a big red mark where Dakota had to learn that brat sum mannerzzz OR the latest custody settlement has a clause to prevent Bristol from continuing her online exploitation of that poor child.

    Bristol is the rill creep. Why hasn’t she taken down all the other suggestive shots she has posted over the years? The photo with Tripp hugging a bed full of candy wearing nothing but underwear is quintessential child porn.


    1. Ann X,
      Yes, it was satire. Who knows why Bristol did this, but after 7 years of exploiting Tripp you can be damn sure she wasn’t motivated by a desire to protect Tripp


  6. I’ve been following the Palin Photoshop FAILS with amusement for years: the famous disembodied pony tail in the race photo…Bristol with her leg planted in a box…the family sitting on largest green sofa in the world. Not to mention the infamous attempt to obscure Sailor’s actual birth date after these dolts unwittingly revealed it to the world.
    I keep suggesting that somebody put together an album, but so far nobody has taken me up on it. Maybe that means I need to do it myself someday.


  7. Jordan Loewe’s family appears so capable and like people that could reach out. If any family could find available help to help their daughter, it would be Jordan’s family. Not that it is easy. It may be more like rescue from a cult.

    An intervention long before it got to her experience of terror with Track Palin would have been good. jloewe_ social media often seemed like a cry from her, “HELP ME!”. She needed and was all about getting attention. Attitude and flipping the finger was a sure thing. She flaunted the drinking and looked like a major drug problem. All her so-called friends were enablers.

    A relationship with Track Palin would be a red flag to any family.

    It is interesting that this other family, in a situation, did get their daughter out of a bad relationship. There may be something to learn from their success. Fast Facts You Need to Know. Sitora Yusufiy, parents ‘Rescued’ her.

    jloewe_ April 2014 Navy Seal grandfather post

    jloewe_ grandfather

    jloewe_ lip, Maytag man August 2015

    Dr. Amod Paranjpe, Tammy Hartz at Saint Louis Crisis Nursery

    Saving babies’ lives.. keeping kids safe.. building strong families


    Jordan and Tanner Loewe parents: Razzle Dazzle Ball Dr. Amod Paranjpe, Tammy Hartz


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