The Majority of Americans Agree on Stricter Controls on Gun Laws and Trump

trump kills gop

The majority of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump and the lack of gun control.  Shame of both Democrats and Republicans who opposed stricter gun control laws.

gun controls

9 thoughts on “The Majority of Americans Agree on Stricter Controls on Gun Laws and Trump

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  1. Come on, CNN. Change “owning” guns to “possessing” guns. Add: “Preventing the manufacture, import, sale, transport, ownership, or possession of military style assault rifles with high capacity detachable magazines.” Add: “Preventing the re-election of all Congresspeople who think otherwise.” Period. Add: “Shouting down the right wing pundits who make disingenuous statements like ‘the Orlando shooter didn’t use an AR-15.'” True, but a profoundly meaningless distinction. Add: “Filing a RICO lawsuit against the NRA.”

    Are The Donald and Wayne Le Pew now an item? Love conquers all, but it has been known to dilute the evangelical base. It’s hard to tell who’s the good guy with a gun and who’s the bad guy with a gun, especially here.


  2. I cannot sleep Malia knowing this shit happens. Guess I have to go to bed and nest my feathers for the next day. Peaceful little Minnesota burg.

    In the meantime, I worry about Shay, you and the rest of the the people.


    1. laurensd1,
      Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. I’ve been working with my attorneys on the motion to be filed today to get my attorney fees back in the FOIA case. Fingers crossed!!!


  3. If I hand a lethal weapon to a monkey or a three year old, I will get jailed or sued for the result. If I sell to idiots, drunks, jihadists, and mentally challenged people, I am not liable. Go figure….


  4. sorry to mis-post here (but in the Palin world, it’s all a blur with the same mind-numbing one-tone Stock Answer for Any question, no matter what the question)…..
    ………..but Malia, have you seen this?????

    Bristol thinks beheading her son is good mothering!!!!


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