Donald Trump Uses Sarah Palin Common Sense, Not Answering Questions

Trump’s babbling mess could only be compared to a Sarah Palin babbling mess.

In case it was hard to understand what he said, let me highlight a few key points:

  1. Should someone buying a of ammunition get extra scrutiny?  Answer:  Well, it depends.  Everyone wants to be so politically correct, and they’re afraid to do anything.
  2.  Should Muslims buying a lot of ammunition be reported or get extra scrutiny?  Answer:  I don’t know about that.  Right now we have some pretty big problems.
  3. Should we profile Muslims in America? Answer: I hate to profile, but we have to use common sense.  We have to our heads.  We have to look at profiling.
  4. What is the difference between your position and the NRA’s position regarding selling guns to people on the “no fly list.”  Answer:  Well my position is I’m dealing with people from the NRA, and I have great respect for them and Wayne and Chris and all of the people up there these are great people who love their country…

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump Uses Sarah Palin Common Sense, Not Answering Questions

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  1. After his ballyhoo about meeting with NRA execs, Trump isn’t saying ANYthing about the meeting itself:
    * Did the meeting happen?
    * What was the outcome?
    * Is Trump still searching for Obama’s Birth Certificate or does he need resources from the NRA?

    Above all, what happened to “The Art of the Deal? What deal”?


  2. Malia, that Q & A sounds like a Chris Rock comedy skit.
    George Lopez made an observation when asked about Donald supplying material for comedians. He said almost all politicians supply the setup for comedy lines. This is the first time that a politician is actually the comedian, coming up with insane sound bites that make intelligent people laugh at him.


    1. aj,
      I agree…it is amazing to me that anyone who speaks like this can even be considered for the highest office in the country.


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