“Emergency”: Trump Begs for Money to Make America Great Again!

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You remember Donald Trump,…he’s the candidate that is REALLY wealthy.

He said: “I don’t need anybody else’s money.”

                 “I’m using my own money.”

                 “I’m not using lobbyists, donors, I don’t care.”

                  “I’m really rich.”

                   ” …And by the way, I’m not even saying that in a braggadocios way.  That’s the kind of mind-set, that’s the kind of thinking you need for this country.”

Trump’s philosophy is that you have to be wealthy to be great!


Over and over, Trump has bragged about his wealth and financial acumen.

Trump has spoken about his wealth more than any single policy he advocates as part of his platform.

A big part of his appeal with low education voters is that they perceive Trump as a man of great financial success who would make America great again by leading us to become a wealthy country.  His statement that he is funding his campaign with his money is equally important to these supporters, because they wanted their candidate to be elected, without the need to contribute any of their own money.

redneck men

However the deception of Donald Trump is becoming more apparent as his popularity plummets.

Trump has made it apparent that he no longer believes an investment in himself is a good deal. “I mean, do I want to sell a couple of buildings and self-fund? I don’t know that I want to do that necessarily, but I really won’t be asking for money for myself, I’ll be asking money for the party.”

In October, Trump demanded that super PACs backing him close up shop—though only after the Post spotlighted the close ties between the Trump campaign and one of the super PACs. In April, Trump’s campaign sent a cajoling letter to Great America PAC, a new super PAC backing him, complaining that the group could confuse backers and muddy his message.

Trump even put his message in writing by Tweeting:

Donald J. Trump

“By self-funding my campaign, I am not controlled by my donors, special interests or lobbyists. I am only working for the people of the U.S.!”  

 The truth is that Trump never really self funded his campaign.  Trump has raised roughly $48 million so far, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. More than $12 million of that came from donations to the campaign. Until last fall, they were the major fuel for Trump’s run. Politifact’s Lauren Carroll notes, “From the start of his campaign in April through October last year, individual contributions made up about 67 percent of total money raised for his campaign.”

“A good chunk of the money that Trump’s campaign is spending is actually going right back to companies controlled by Donald Trump, as payment for services rendered. The New York Times reported in February:

About $2.7 million … was paid to at least seven companies Mr. Trump owns or to people who work for his real estate and branding empire, repaying them for services provided to his campaign. That total included more than $2 million for flights on his own planes and helicopter, a quarter of a million dollars to his Fifth Avenue office tower, and even $66,000 to Keith Schiller, his bodyguard and the head of security at the Trump Organization.  Trump is in effect taking millions of dollars out of one pocket and depositing it into another.

The money Trump has “spent” on his campaign has been not in the form of donations to his campaign, but in the form of loans. Trump has demonstrated through 4 bankruptcies that he is a master at amassing debt that will never be paid, but ensuring that his companies get paid first, before declaring bankruptcy.In 2000, Trump told Fortune, “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.” Raking in donations and then paying himself back,with interest, would be a way for him to profit,but for others to lose everything.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Trump’s true vision of how to make America Great Again, was for him to become wealthier.




6 thoughts on ““Emergency”: Trump Begs for Money to Make America Great Again!

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  1. I had a really big problem when John Edwards was using campaign donations to pay for expensive haircuts and clothing. If I were a Republican, I would have screamed bloody murder with the amount of campaign donations spent on Sarah Palin’s complete makeover. Donations are for the campaign – not to buy something you would need anyway (haircuts, clothing, makeup etc). I hope the Times kept digging, I see this as possible FEC violations if Trump was casual about record keeping.


  2. So much for the self funding billionaire nonsense. He’s a fake, a fraud, and a phony and I suspect he is not anywhere near as wealthy as he claims. He disgusts me. Does he ever not tell a lie? He epitomizes bullying sociopathic mediocrity.


  3. This man is the most disingenuous presidential candidate in my memory. Every reason people give for voting for him is not reflected by how he lives, and his own actions.


  4. Trump is a loser as a businessman. He could have made over $3 billion more doing nothing with his money, letting it sit earning interest. In the competitive world of investments and real estate, Trump is getting his butt kicked by “doing nothing.”


  5. I SERIOUSLY doubt that he is as wealthy as he claims. If he has so much to brag about, why not release his income tax returns? They must contain information that is not proving how wealthy he is. He is a con man through and through. Also, too, the gop was SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tells ya when he asked for matching funds for his campaign. Easily fooled, just as they always have been. Con men being fleeced by other con men. tRump is a bloated, orange fraud of a “millionaire”.


  6. Just like the Tundra Turd, every time dRUMPf opens his mouth, a lie falls out.

    My guess is that if he paid all of his debts, he’d be in the hole nearly 1 billion.


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