Todd Palin: The Eyes of Texas are Upon You!

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Todd Gillman of the Dallas Morning News reports on a new bipartisan law that has just been passed by the House on Monday.  The new bill, co-written by Senator John Cornyn, is an update to the 50 year old FOIA law.  The new law is designed to promote easier access to government documents.  It also creates an office to mediate disputes.  For years, lawmakers “accuse the executive branch, under presidents of both parties, of lacking transparency and shielding embarrassing or politically damaging information from them, the news media, and the public.”

“The Sunshine in government Initiative, a coalition of nine media groups that includes The Associated Press, applauded the bill’s passage, AP reported.”

The four year saga of attempting to get information on the Todd Palin-David Chaney-Shailey Tripp meeting may be about to come to an end.  The passage of this new law re-affirms the public’s need to know.  It is a Texas Senator who has taken responsibility for demanding greater transparency.  It is a Texas Federal Court that is deciding the outcome of my FOIA suit.  Judge Cummings is empowered to make the government accountable to taxpayers for attempting to hide information on abuse and misuse of taxpayer money.  Even though thousands of pages of documents have now been produced, we still don’t have the hotel bill, paid by the government for the rooms of the Secret Service agents in Cartagena.  That bill will likely disclose the “overnight fees” paid by the government for the prostitutes brought back to the hotel by the agents.  I know from the documents produced thus far that the hotel bill was paid directly by the federal government.   I still don’t have the documents that prove the amount of money spent by the Secret Service for a media-relations firm hired to convince us that the corruption that existed within the Secret Service didn’t exist.  I have some copies of expenses incurred in Alaska by David Chaney, but not his credit card bill that would show places he ate…including the potential charge at a bagel shop in Alaska.  I know that Shailey Tripp reported that two other men met with she, Todd, and David Chaney at a bagel shop in Alaska.  I know that there were two other agents assigned to guard Sarah Palin in Alaska.  I just don’t have their names, as they were redacted.  I wonder if anyone bothered to ask them about that meeting?

palin cheney checkin her out

I know that Janet Napolitano, Mark Sullivan, A.T. Smith, David Chaney, David Nieland, and Charles Edwards have all resigned.  What I don’t know, because it has not been produced is how much money we are paying these people in retirement benefits.  It is apparent from the records that have been produced that when someone in the Secret Service is found to have been involved in an embarrassing situation …child abuse, rape, sexual harassment, use of prostitutes, or even perjury while testifying before Congress, RETIREMENT is their REWARD for their bad behavior.  They don’t get fired.  They don’t go to jail.  They get to quit working, and remain on the government payroll.  We can’t begin to hold our government accountable until we can access the documents that reveal this travesty!

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Sunshine week was March 12-18th.  Sunshine week is an annual nationwide celebration of access to public information.






Perhaps Sunshine Week is the reason Todd Palin needs sunglasses?

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  1. Malia, the news media needs to expose this scandal BIG TIME! It is just the very tip of the U.S. Secret Service ‘Culture of Corruption’ and ‘Culture of Cover-Up’… Our national security is at great risk!!!


  2. See, Texas is good for SOMETHING, other then Malia. Cornyn is one of the last politicians I would support, however.

    Let’s hope that the candidacy of dRUMPf will push this country to the left far enough that we will see some actual positive changes for We The People.


  3. can hardly wait for this to be signed into law. the dept of homeland security via the immigration section has denied my foia requests on purely bs reasons. these requests they have denied are for the cruz family documents which the department of state has not only agreed to process but is actually processing.

    will be using the mediation office as soon as it is established.


    1. dave p,
      Keep me posted on your progress. I’m still waiting on my foia request to the irs asking whether they have a form his mother filed…not the amounts, just the fact of filing a form.


  4. Malia,
    When I get home tonight I’m baking muffins.
    If you were my neighbor I’d bring you some.
    Good evening, either way.


    1. Jason,
      That sounds yummy! I can’t remember the last time I had a neighbor bring me something hand made. I do remember the last time I gave a neighbor something I made.


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