Donald Trump Issues Cold-Hearted Tweet on Florida Shooting

Donald Trump is a cold-hearted mongrel!  The death toll in the Florida massacre is up to 50, with 53 people injured.  This video account by people involved gives a glimpse into the horror experienced by the patrons in the club and their families.  

Donald Trump, the person who wants to be the leader of our country, had this to say:


trump funny face
As America grieves this tragedy, Trump issues a factual report as if he is a disinterested observer.  Even reporters have a hard time reporting on such a tragedy without expressing their emotional response.  Not Trump.  Whatever your politics, whatever your thoughts about immigration, or the rising national debt, surely we can all come together as Americans and express our sympathy for the victims of this horrendous attack.  Surely we all want a leader to take the lead and grieve with the country.
When President Obama spoke after the Sandy Hook Shooting, I was glad he was our President.  He expressed the outrage of the country.  He expressed the intense sympathy experienced by parents around the country.

Imagine the horror is he had simply tweeted that “a lot of people are dead in Newtown.” ” There was a lot of blood coming out of the school.”

16 thoughts on “Donald Trump Issues Cold-Hearted Tweet on Florida Shooting

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  1. Cannot compare Trump to mongrels. Had dogs all my life and they are loyal, faithful and loving companions. Trump is a narcissistic idiot just waiting to explode over some insult. He is a walking disaster and anyone who votes for him is either a racist misogynistic slug with no critical thinking skills or in other words, a carbon copy of Trump himself. Trump has no class and is not worthy to touch President Obama’s shoes. What a freak.

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  2. Your work is worth reading always, You have common sense way of looking at life. That being said,the thought that the chance that this man might one day be our President makes me ill. If he was just a Sarah Palin Wannabe would make me just shake my head but he is not,


  3. The whole country was cringing, waiting to see what race bait insanity the fool was going to unleash. The news media needs to censor Donald whenever there is a sensitive news story. The guy is like a drunk at a funeral service.


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