Grandma and Grandpa Palin Share Their “Stratospherically” Excited News That Somebody Married Their Daughter

palin bristol'sring three

Grandma Palin has finally commented on Bristol’s marriage to Dakota Meyer.    Although Sarah didn’t mention the words “marriage” or “wedding”, she said:

“All our families’ hearts are filled with love for Dakota, Bristol, Tripp, and Sailor Grace. It’s been a rewarding and interesting ride this past year – but these two sure do love an adventure! As their biggest supporters, we’re stratospherically happy it’s happened, amidst running a little late! Like they said, the foundation of their new life together is built with hard work and God’s grace, so they can’t go wrong – their future is as bright as Alaska’s midnight sun.

– Todd and Sarah Palin…/190594_bristol_palin_marries_dakot…/

In this intimate comment, Grandma and Grandpa had the foresight to post the comment on Facebook with their last names, so Bristol wouldn’t be confused about which Todd and Sarah were congratulating her.  Thank heavens they posted a link to the article on Entertainment Tonight so we would know that they were talking about the marriage of Bristol and Dakota, not the announcement of another child.

 There seems to be some confusion.  People Magazine thought the Facebook post came “just a day after” Bristol announced her marriage.  I live in Dallas Texas, and I knew of the marriage on the 8th.  Yesterday morning, I was surprised that Grandma Palin has still not posted a single word about the nuptials. At around 9:30 in the morning, Central time I remarked:
 ” Thus far Grandma Palin hasn’t posted a single word on her Facebook about the wedding. Maybe she is just too busy planning the wedding party for Track and Britta?”

Grandma’s post came about 6 hours after my post, not the day AFTER the announcement.

The amazing thing is that everyone seems to be missing the point of Bristol’s passive aggressive attitude toward her mother.  Passive aggressiveness is described as behavior exhibited by a person who displays “Learned Helplessness.”  This occurs when “a person continually acts like they can’t help themselves – deliberately doing a poor job of something (i.e. getting pregnant) for which they are often explicitly responsible

Passive aggression might be seen as a defence mechanism that people use to protect themselves. It might be automatic and might stem from early experiences. What they are protecting themselves from will be unique and individual to each person; although might include underlying feelings of rejection, fear, mistrust, insecurity and/or low self-esteem.

Here are some examples to illustrate me point:

  1. Bristol’s pregnancy at age 16 was planned.  Bristol told Levi, “let’s get pregnant.”

2.  Sarah appeared with Bristol on national television, proclaiming Bristol’s decision to remain chaste until marriage.


3.  That appearance came after Sarah had asked for privacy for Bristol.

4.  Bristol declared that her second pregnancy was actually “planned.”

5.  It was Sarah who announced Bristol’s engagement to Levi.

6.  It was Bristol who announced that the engagement to Levi was called off, both the first and second time.

7. The second engagement to Levi occurred even though Sarah and Todd had “no idea.”

8.  Sarah was not supportive of Bristol’s second engagement when she did learn about it.

9.  When Bristol and Dakota got engaged the first time, they each announced the engagement.

10.  When Bristol and Dakota broke off the engagement, it was Sarah who announced they would not be marrying.  It was Sarah who announced that the Palin and Meyer families would still gather for a barbecue in Kentucky, where the wedding was supposed to be held, to “celebrate life, in general!”   Sarah appeared at the family barbecue.

palin kentucky barbecue

Bristol did not.

bristol palin camping friend bigger picture

11. Sarah expressed her disdain for Dakota when she wrote:

“For many months we have been trying to reach out to Dakota Meyer and he has wanted nothing to do with either Bristol’s pregnancy or the baby.”

 12.  Sarah appeared wearing Bristol’s ring.

palin bristol'sring three

Generated by  IJG JPEG Library

Generated by  IJG JPEG Library

Now, Bristol has it back.

bristol and dakota rings

Ask yourself, how did Bristol get the ring back without Sarah knowing about it?  If Sarah knew about the upcoming nuptials why wasn’t she invited:?



Sarah Palin's photo.

It seems that this is just one more example of the passive-aggressive behavior of Bristol Palin toward Grandma Palin.

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin addresses attendees at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010.  (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)

As many pictures as we’ve seen posted by Bristol of Sailor, not one has been posted of Sarah holding Sailor.

palin funny one

Even Todd has had his picture taken with Sailor.

todd and trig and sailor



10 thoughts on “Grandma and Grandpa Palin Share Their “Stratospherically” Excited News That Somebody Married Their Daughter

Add yours

  1. man the more I read about Grandma and Grandpa’s comments the more I felt my IQ draining. As well as you write I actually had to pause 4 times to give myself a chance to rest from the overinflated egos and intellectual limits of these people.

    I am special education teacher and have been for 20 years. The only people who I think of as stupid are not those who aren’t able but those who can but don’t or won’t. These people are ones who are able (at least a little bit) but can’t or won’t and are proud of that fact. In Georgia, we would call that “White Trash.”


  2. Isn’t the wedding ring supposed to go on first (nearest to the heart) and then the engagement ring…she has hers on backwards


  3. A couple of onservations here.
    A) Isn’t a wedding ring usually made of gold – yellow gold, not (maybe) white gold (or, maybe, aluminum…)?
    B) How do we know they are actually married? With that family, unless I see something black-on-white, somehow, I do not trust them!
    C) IF they are married, I assume they eloped and ‘did the deed’ in Hawaii, or first stopped over in Nevada for a quickie wedding.
    So not typical of these grifters! I mean, Bri$$y could have announced an engagement, and put up a wedding registry for big $$$.
    Also, no wedding ceremony, no wedding gown (white or otherwise), no witnesses, NOTHING! Isn’t Bri$$y a devout (AHEM!) Xtian? Don’t those devout Xtians usually wed in a church?


  4. “Amidst running a little late”? Yeah. Somebody’s missing their ghost writer. Wasn’t this totally unexpected (HA!) elopement announced “to our loved ones” via the media? That in itself is newsworthy. Was Bristle afraid her mom would be mad for taking her ring and her dream guy away from her? Was it another slap in the face to mom and dad? Looking at the pics from the first time around, and comparing them to the latest one-Bristle’s looking at being married to a chunk. Maybe he drowned his sorrows in cake and booze. I feel sorry for the kids. I think Duh is probably a pretty strict parent. Is there a pool on pregnancy or length of marriage yet?


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