Critical Document Discovered in FOIA Suit!!!

david chaney and palin

It was June 7th that I brought information to the attention of various members of Congress, and the USSS that Shailey Tripp reported that her pimp, Todd Palin, had introduced her to David Chaney while he was on assignment in Alaska guarding Sarah Palin.  Over the four years since that time I have filed multiple FOIA requests, filed suit in Federal Court, spent over $100,000 in attorneys fees, and dedicated over 1000 hours to trying to prove that Shailey Tripp’s report was accurate.  I estimate that I have spent over 100 hours reviewing the thousands of pages of documents that were finally produced as a result of a Court Order entered in February of this year.  Even though not all the documents have been produced yet, (as the OIG is still producing documents) and even though I still have documents to review, I found a document today that indicates that an agent, likely David Chaney, admitted to using prostitutes in 08 and 09.  I will post a full discussion of the document tomorrow.  However because each of you have followed with me this journey, I was anxious to share the news.  It now appears for the first time that we may be on a path to uncovering the truth.  What a vindication for Shailey Tripp!

david chaney and prostitute

Before I post the article, I invite Todd Palin, David Chaney, and their attorneys to my requests to them to deny the assertions of Shailey Tripp.  I previously sent them letters, and have received NO RESPONSE.  I renew my offer to publish any statement they offer.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

UPDATE:  I haven’t received any denial from Todd Palin or David Chaney or their attorneys.  Here is a link to the documents and story.

21 thoughts on “Critical Document Discovered in FOIA Suit!!!

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  1. Gee Malia, where was Chaney working in 08 and 09?
    Cans are flying somewhere on the campaign trail. A mini bar just flew out a hotel window.


      1. Throw those cans, Malia!
        Going off to find some of my own.
        I hope Shay has some vindication in the media that would escalate more corruption exposure of DHS and thugs.


  2. Malia

    Sorry I have been gone. Todd made me chief council for the defense of his guilt. I also am now running the “needle in a hay stack” department that is in charge of finding biological fathers of palin spawn.

    Every since frenchie asked for a paycheck more than food stamps I have to do everything. It really kind of sucks.

    I am glad you are getting to the bottom of this whole prostitute scandals. I think it’s unfair that Cheney has all these hookers and blow and then stiffs the pimp who put it all together. I know you are trying to help get Todd paid by these bastards. Please do it soon because Todd keeps talking about soilent green. I hate that stuff.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. painchipeater,
      Thanks for always being here! I’m working on Todd’s payment. I hope the IRS is working on theirs!


  3. I’m still interested in Sarah’s trip to Phoenix with Trig, without Todd.

    Check Sarah’s Facebook page for June 7 or 8. Also, check the Conservatives4Palin website discussion board. There you’ll see she was in Phoenix with Trig, where they attended a baseball game (Phoneix Diamondbacks won, 5-0, over the Tampa BAy Devil Rays).

    Sarah says she got the tickets through Mike Ingram, CEO of El Dorado Holdings, a Scottsdale real estate developer. Ingram is in many of the photos from the game, seated or standing with Sarah.

    Why was Sarah in Phoenix without Todd, attending a baseball game courtesy of a rich Scottsdale real estate guy?

    Of course, Todd could have been home in Alaska, still recovering from his “snowmobile accident.” And pigs could be flying, because, earlier, Todd, Sarah, and Trig went to San Diego.


    1. Old Redneck,
      Maybe that is Sarah’s plan all along. When the truth comesout about Todd being a pimp, she’ll leave him and claim she didn’t have any idea!


      1. According to Sarah’s friend, Donnie Trump, it’s the wife’s fault when a husband cheats – Sarah was an enabler!


  4. Malia, it looks like this massive scandal and huge cover-up is about to be cracked wide open!!! A couple of your followers have stated former U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Division Regional Supervisor Paul Rakowski and his partner in high crimes Richard Beckett have used Todd’s hookers for extortion and blackmail against high profile individuals. Mastermind Rakowski and Beckett have been major players at Beckett Brown International (BBI) and its many successor companies including Global Security Services, Global Technology Services, Chesapeake Strategies Group, S2i Corporation, 207 Associates, Beckett McLaughlin International, and other outfits.


  5. Isn’t the Palin house still for sale in AZ? Is Mike Ingram the agent involved w/the sale of the home?

    Great work, Malia as to the review (and fact finding) of all the documentation you are going through!

    Take good care and thank you for keeping all of us informed!


    1. Millie,
      Thanks for following! I think the fact that you and somany others are reading will help me get the Judge to reimburse me my attorney fees!


  6. That band of gypsies have trolled and sacked just about every angle they could manipulate – the level of crazy here is off the charts and has been for many years.

    We consistently see how these gypsies remain clustered behind a wall of secrecy and suspicion – how often do we see actual friends join them at their home or any other type of social gathering? Whenever the mother grifter appears in public, she brings one of the kids since Todd has been thrown to the dungeon for quite a while now.

    Remember that song from Cher? Gypsies, tramps and thieves! It’s a rare event to see any of them in the company of healthy friendships or any social event that includes normal and happy people.

    They’re gypsies. Look up the definition and there they are. That’s why they’re so strange and why the lies, secrets and scams. Not one of them holds a job. Not one!! They scored big when that old man McCain opened the door to that crazy ass nut job!


  7. Are you mailing them again? I doubt they read here, or do you think they do.
    It is amazing you went through SO many pages!!


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