Problems Fishing Bristol Didn’t Have

bristol palin trout fishing







3 thoughts on “Problems Fishing Bristol Didn’t Have

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  1. Please note that her manicure was not harmed in any way. The “hard assed worker” somehow manages to keep her nails pristine, despite having to get all those kids ready for daycare and school. Yeah right! Are they trying to get yet another reality show? Two boring, uneducated people. THAT should be interesting to watch. Still trying to figure out why Bristol thinks she is destined to be a “star” after all the failures at her other attempts have failed. A show about MOH and HO would be liike watching paint dry.


    1. Scarsdale,
      …imagine the intro to the show, John Phillips Sousa playing in the background as they retire tothe bedroom…Bristol in her monkey suit and Dakota in his uniform. Bristol would be holding a gun, Dakota would be holding a sword, and Trig would be holding Sailor.


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