“Exclusive” Questions Re Bristol’s Marriage to Dakota

Entertainment Tonight brags that it got the “Exclusive” story regarding the wedding of Bristol and Dakota!  Quotes from the happy couple included:

“We are so happy to share with loved ones the wonderful news that we got married!”

“Hard work and God’s grace are the foundation of our new life together, and with the love and support of our family we know we can get through anything,” they added.


3.  If they are going to be relying on the “love and support of their family” why didn’t they invite at least immediate family to the wedding?  Why wouldn’t they at least invite Tripp?
4.  Are the “loved ones” they are referring to the ET readers?  Thus far Grandma Palin hasn’t posted a single word on her Facebook about the wedding. Maybe she is just too busy planning the wedding party for Track and Britta?
5.  Why did Dakota pick a black ring?  Is it because it is made of tungsten carbide which is often used in making armor-piercing ammunition? Or is its use in making nuclear weapons what attracted Dakota to this look?
bristol and dakota rings
6.  Who is taking care of the kids while the happy couple are on their honeymoon?
7.  Will Bristol work outside the home with Dr. Jack-Me-Off, now that she is married?
bristol return to work

8.  What is the”Pro” case in the background behind the black ring?

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  1. Wait for Grizzly Mom to spin this one!

    What a dysfunctional family. There’s no hope in hell this marriage will last any longer than her last one with Levi. Too little knowledge of her spouses — beyond sex, that is — is not a foundation for a lasting marriage.


    1. There is hope this marriage can last a few years. Dakota was once married that long.

      For some reason he had to lie to none other than the famous Republican American author and former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs during the Reagan Administration, Bing West.

      Talk about showing respect for Republicans, Reagan and the wealthy writer who helped to pump him up and his ‘honorable’ service. Lie, lie, lie Dakota. When you can’t find the words just do the silent treatment. Bristol could not have found a bigger jerk.


  2. All good questions. I wonder what the IQ level is for the entire Palin family or at the very least I wonder what the combined IQ of Sara and Bristo is?


      1. Maybe, but I wonder if it is even worse than that, it is possible that their biggest problem is that not only are they unfamiliar with the concept of “logic” but neither one of them can spell the word even after 3 tries!


  3. Is Dakota an intravenous drug user or what?
    Those are the hands of a 37 year old?

    IMHO, I think this is another clean up. Palin brand may actually think they have a shot for the WH with trump if they look Christian and married? Anything is possible in their little minds. This is as suspect as the previous time they faked the relationship.


  4. Sarah’s Facebook did have a link to ET after seeing your post. How sad. Worm Salad Palin …”we’re stratospherically happy it’s happened”
    Stratospherically over kill. Sarah was not as late as she was when Sailor the fetus was announced. That’s about as positive as she gets about this latest weird publicity they are manufacturing.


  5. I hope this isn’t one of Scarah’s ploys to enhance her chance of getting selected as tRump’s VP! Nothing that happens in that family surprises me anymore, stupid to ridiculous.


  6. Neither of them has a real job. Grifting, looking for a reality show, so they can make BIG $$$ for as little “work” as possible. Two boring, uninteresting people. Unless they plan on telling how many kids Bristles has really birthed, where Track is (in rehab?) what really happened when Taahhd had the snowmachine crash, who will tune in? Did $carah take Trig with her so Bristles can surprise Duh with the family addition when they return from their honeymoon? One year at the most. Drinking, fighting, family brawls are in their future. Too bad there has to be innocent kids involved. With the cache of firearms at the PayMe compound, I would be afraid to even visit the place.


  7. I’m not certain where that photo of them on the beach is located. However, as a former Marine and the recipient of the MOH, Dakota has lodging privileges at US military facilities worldwide. The Army, Navy, and Marines own some fabulous real estate on Hawaii. They could be honeymooning at the Kaneohe Marine Base (nice beach, fine golf course, cottages on the beach). Or, they could be at the Army’s rec center at Ft. DeRussy, slap in the middle of Waikiki in Honolulu.

    Sarah can’t be taking care of Tripp . . . she posted on her Facebook page that she was in Phoenix Tuesday with Trigg for a baseball game. She got tickets courtesy of “Mike Ingram of El Dorado properties,” a Scottsdale AZ real estate developer. Hmmmm. In the photos of Sarah, Mike, Trig, and admirers at the game, NO TODD. And Sarah’s wedding ring was not visible in the photos.

    Then there’s the whole issue of Jordan Loewe, Track’s now pregnant girl friend; Track’s trial; and the Track-Jordan relationship.

    This whole family is a rolling train wreck.

    Oh, and before I forget — on the Conservatives4Palin (C4P, the Pee Pond) website, there are comments about how Sarah is getting ready for Trump to pick her as his VP candidate. One C4P loon said she is taking Trig with her so he can become accustomed to crowd noise, which he will encounter during Sarah’s campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s just no cure for stupid.


    1. Old Redneck,
      I have suspected for some time that Trump doesn’t really wantto win, so he might choose sarah just to ensure his defeat. Prepare yourself. Who else has been an unequivocal supporter of the Donald?


  8. I’ve said this before and will say it again – I don’t believe brisdull popped this one out. I still think it’s very possible that it was Piper – before anyone attacks me – just think about this – you guys saw the picture of them in Hawaii where brisdull was holding that baby? How can anyone look at Piper in that picture and not see the shocking change in her body – she looks post natal – maybe the sudden change in plans had more to do with them finding out Piper was pregnant and all hell broke loose.

    Remember – Piper was in Kentucky with brisdull – something went very wrong there.

    Why would scarah be so silent on the “news” of their marriage – why was she so quiet about brisdull when she announced her condition? Why did that picture show scarah’s bony finger in DUH’s face at the barbecue?

    Not like it’s impossible with this grifter cesspool. Brisdull was taught the shell game with babies and dates of birth.

    Scarah was never around to keep an eye on any of those kids and Piper was at an impressionable age – remember the pic of her holding the pig? Looks like DUH standing next to her – can only see part of his arm and side but looks like him.

    I saw a few interesting references to Piper on brisdull’s instagram – 3 of them – things that make you go hmmmm.

    If I’m right – it explains a lot. That picture of Piper with the pig shows a very developed young lady.


  9. I should’ve added – the pregnancy pics of brisdull never looked right to me. Even that strange one of her standing next to the Christmas tree – seriously, it didn’t look prenatal or postnatal to me – it just looked strange. Her shape never looked quite right. Scarah has been very chilly towards MOH and now this scam wedding. They make me I’ll – all of them. Trashy grifters.


  10. Malia – Dakota announced it first on his Instagram along with his sad attempt at prose and a photo of the two of them. To make some fast money and pay for the honeymoon, they sold the exclusive story to Entertainment. Entertainment published a long convoluted story along with a photo of them on the beach and a photo of their rings. His ring is a black band and hers is a diamond ring and wedding band with diamonds. Why not start anew with matching rings or bands?

    Sarah’s comments on Facebook do not mention the words “marriage”, “wedding”, or “nuptials”. Instead, Sarah mentions “we’re stratospherically happy it’s happened” and “the foundation of their new life together”. Dakota and Bristol were probably united in a civil ceremony officiated by Sarah. No one knows when, where, or who was there – it is all private now which is the complete opposite of the way the Palins normally share their lives.


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