Bristol Palin’s Series of Unfortunate Events

From the time Tripp Palin was born his life has been a series of contradictions, and confusing circumstances.  When was he really born?  What was the real date of his birth?  Was he living in Arizona, Alaska, California, or Kentucky?


bristol arizona home  bristol dakota snowmobile  bristol bull

Bristol was spotted at the famous landmark hotdog stand in Los Angeles, California filming a segment of her reality TV show with her co-stars Kyle and Chris Massey. Bristol has moved into a home with the brothers and all three waited in line to be served at the stand. Bristol clearly was looked forward to getting her hands on one of the hotdogs. Smiling as she ordered and all three went to the back seating area to talk and eat. At one point the trio did a hot dog toast. Pictured: Bristol Palin, Kyle Massey and Chris Massey Ref: SPL307135 180811 Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666
Is his biological father a hunter, a writer, or a model?

levi johnston shower cover up playgirl  levi tripp and baby gun  deer headlights

It appears that the 4th time is a charm.  After 4 pregnancies, it appears Bristol is married!

dakota and bristol married.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Bristol had her chin re-aligned.

bristol jaw alignment surgery

It seems like it was just yesterday that Bristol was “trying my hardest to keep my chin up” on her pregnancy with Sailor.

bristol trig three hawaii

It seems like it was just yesterday that Bristol was camping with her BFF, the exotic model, instead of attending her family barbecue celebration with Dakota in Kentucky.

bristol friend camping

It seems like it was just yesterday that Sarah was wearing Bristol’s engagement ring.

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palin bristol'sring three

It seems like it was just yesterday that Bristol was playing hooky from work while she was halibut fishing with Dakota.

bristol palin trout fishing

It seems like it was just yesterday that Bristol said it wasn’t really hard to keep her chin up about this pregnancy because it was actually planned.

bristol friend im three

It seems like just yesterday that Dakota Meyer announced:

 “Congress 2016, POTUS 2024!”  indicating his political ambitions.

dakota meyer sword

It seems like it was just yesterday that Bristol declared that she would probably run for office.

 bristol abstinence

 It seems like it was just yesterday that Bristol got a judgment against Levi for back child support for over $60,000.00.

 levi tripp shopping

It seems like just yesterday that Dakota Meyer adopted the Palin form of speech …rambling about no coincidences, karma and the Light. (capitolized)

palin dakota meyer swollen lips
We can all speculate about the reason for a marriage between Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin.  However …one thing is undisputed.  In the last year, Bristol and Dakota have been engaged, and broke off the engagement.  Bristol moved to Kentucky and moved back to Alaska.  Dakota attended the wedding party and Bristol didn’t.  Bristol wore an engagement ring, and then her mother did.  Tripp was in school in Alaska, then Kentucky, and then Alaska again.  Bristol has taken at least three trips to Hawaii.
bristol trig three hawaii  bristol sailor pool people  bristol willow piper sailor hawaii  dakota and bristol married.
Whatever we might speculate about the reason for the marriage of Bristol and Dakota, we know that the focus has never been about the children.  Imagine the confusion of Tripp about what marriage is about??? Imagine the uncertainty in the life of Tripp?  Is Levi his dad or Dakota.  Is his mother married or not?  Where will he be living tomorrow?  Alaska, Kentucky or both?  Where will he be in school in September?  Does his mother work or just pretend to work.  Was his sister born in November or December?
bristol's baby with tripp  bristol baby photoshopped
Is Trig his brother or Uncle?
trig birthday 6th with tripp
How many kids is he related to?  
levi sunn baby
Is his Uncle am amputee?  Did his Uncle beat a girl because he has PTSD or because he’s just an ass hole?
track jordan expecting
Who is his aunt? How many cousins does he have?
britta baby shower
Is grandma an idiot or just uneducated?

Why was he named “Tripp”?

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

41 thoughts on “Bristol Palin’s Series of Unfortunate Events

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  1. I feel really sorry for the Palin grandkids because their parents don’t know ANYthing about parenting. They are likely to grow up as dysfunctional as the current batch of Palin kids.

    As for Bristol, I note in the Guardian article on her that she had expressed an intention to “work at a local radio station”. Did that ever transpire? Heaven forbid Bristol runs for office. With any luck AK residents have had their fill of the Palin clan and won’t give this jerk a second look to represent them, unless at the dog pound.


  2. It’s only a matter of time before Dakota will be running for office as the Palin standard bearer. And he will have a ready-made base of support with all the Palin fans who think anything Palin is holy.

    I really wanted to see the Palin brand die an ignominious death, but now with Dakota in the picture the chances now are high it will live on. I think the chances of divorce are slim because there’s no “open” arrangement for “marriage” that can’t be bought for prostitutes, and this very arranged marriage proves it.

    The Palins need to be exposed for who they are, a shiftless and hypocritical family of sociopathic criminals whose very existence is an obscenity. They need to be buried once and for all, but it’s becoming clear that where there’s money to be swindled, they are jealously protected.


  3. Malia – good one! The troll with many names should be showing up any minute. Tabloids say these two freaks got married sometime within the last few days. No mention of when, where, what the bride wore, who were their attendants, or if Sarah officiated. Instead, just a couple of photos of them with the announcement. The tabloids also mentioned “rumors” of them getting back together started 3 months ago. Really? Was that before or after the rumors Bristol was spreading about Levi sexting her? Was Dakota ever out of the picture? Or, is this just a continuation of the scheme they concocted last year – to be played out in the tabloids, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?


    1. Bristol doesn’t spread rumors about anyone, or Levi. I’d bank on that being Sadie again since she still hates her sister in law.


      1. Why are you so obsessed with sadie? Get help, alicia. And stop calling yourself R2-D2 . R2-D2 was awesome and you’re getting your crazy stink all over him!


  4. Isn’t it kind of sad that Tripp got to attend a wedding with his stepmom and his dad, but he did not get to attend his mothers wedding? (Sunny had some pictures up on her facebook site about a lovely wedding they attended last weekend)


    1. FEDUP!!!
      Exactly my point! If Tripp is ever to feel a part of this family, how could they get married without him?


    2. Why are you stalking nobodies? Honestly, I’m not bothered that Tripp didn’t attend Levi or Bristol’s wedding, if in fact he didn’t attend Bristol’s. We have no idea when she married. His parents aren’t married, he won’t have a complete family.


  5. Marriage is hard work. I hope for the sake of Bristol’s children that they can manage to stay married and work things out.


    1. Howlermonkey,
      I hope so too, but have to believe that this was a marriage of convenience and not the result of true love. Bristol and Dakota never took the time to develop their relationship!


      1. They know each better than Bristol and Levi ever did. I believe that because Bristol had 2 very bad boyfriends previously (the two before Joey), she can recognize when it’s right and good. She hates neediness in guys (bye Levi). She hates selfishness and greed in guys (bye gino, who tried to use her for money to advance his career when shes not wealthy.)
        Considering Levi moved in with Sunny right after meeting her and called her wife, I don’t see how Dakota and Bristol are fake. It’s very true that “when you know, you know.” Too many successful relationships have followed this.


  6. Malia, when you try to use kids like this in a story it doesn’t sound clever or funny, it just comes off as mean. I don’t think you are mean, but you seem to have a blind spot when it comes to the Palins. If you met these kids would you say any of these things to them? I’m guessing no.


    1. Thing that makeyou go hmmm,
      I hope I’m not mean, but I find it so offensive that Bristol portrays herself as a victim so often and she does so much damage to uneducated women who become single mothers, and fantasize that they will have a life like hers. It is because I feel all of us have a responsibility to children, and for Bristol to use Tripp the way she does is highly offensive.


      1. I don’t see her portray herself as a victim, even when she is one. I mean, her son’s paternal aunt sold lies for 7 years beginning in early Jan 09. In the beginning she tried to live privately by working her office job and briefly attending college. But democrats kept stalking and lying about her. She has always put her son first and has done everything for him, from providing him a college fund to making sure he’s happy and stable in spite of a girl who is suppose to love him (pat aunt) betraying him with lies about his family. No one seems to be able to see things clearly. And yes this post come off as mean and there are lies throughout. Satire can be good but not when it’s slanderous. Bristol has never been promiscuous, or a bad person. She is a legitimate victim of a liberal media yet doesn’t see herself as that, or a celeb for that matter.


  7. It seems like just yesterday that the newlyweds were in court fighting over what poor Sailor’s last name would be. Or were they fighting over that? Maybe they had already fallen back in lust and Duhkota just wanted his kid to have his name legally. These two are truly a match made in hell, but I don’t see a happy ending this time, either. I think Duh is a hothead, and Bristle can push a guy’s buttons. I found it interesting that they announced the marriage to their loved ones via the media. I guess nobody noticed the awkward way Bristle had her left hand displayed while holding a giant fish with her right hand. Look! Look what I got-again! Poor kids for sure. Two unstable parents, and the rest of the clans aren’t much better. Poor Levi just can’t win with this kid.


      1. At least they didn’t have a fake, cheap media wedding sold to inside edition like Levi. Even Kim K kept her ceremony private, only airing the vents leading to it. How awkward was it for there to be cameras and cables running through Levi’s fake ceremony to catch him sweating profusely and flubbing vows? #mediawhore


  8. Malia, hate to be picky, but you missed another curiosity Tripp can’t figure out.
    Grandma wears a badger on her head and hangs around with the angry orange guy with the bird nest on his head. Do I have to wear funny stuff on my head when I grow up? Are we in a cult?


    1. Sara Ann,
      The post is really about Tripp, and nobody has ever sufficiently answered the question “Why did Bristol choose the name “Tripp” for her son?”


  9. Ah….True Love…so now when he dumps his load inside her lumbering vagina it won’t actually be sinning? That’s no fun.


  10. Sarah Ann, R2D2… I guess, the troll has come and started a new set pf names. On my fb, her latest name is Marie Wright. Bri$$le is supposed to become my idol, because $he is such a perfect mother and so forgiving and religious and demure. $he can do now wrong and is being slandered by the liberal media, is a victim of Levi and Sunny and Sadie, etc, etc.
    Alicia, isn’t there a police order out there for you to stop stalking the PayMe family as well as the Johnston family? Time to heed that, or you WILL end up in the slammer!


  11. Didn’t Jesse Griffen talk to Levi about Tripp’s name. I remember it was Levis idea based on some motocross movie character that Levi really liked. Considering that neither Griffen or Levi are exactly team Palin and Levi was actually part of the decision how is that not good enough confirmation?


    1. Things that make you go hmmm,
      I just think it is too unusual and cooincidental that Bristol’s child had such an unusual name and spelling as Shailey! What are the chances?


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