Speaker Ryan Refuses to “Defend the Indefensible”

trump racist

Ryan, speaking at an event to unveil U.S. House Republicans’ policy proposals, said the comments by the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee were unacceptable and indefensible.

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan strongly disavowed Donald Trump’s allegations of bias against a Hispanic judge, calling such remarks the “TEXTBOOK DEFINITION OF A RACIST COMMENT” even as he reiterated his support for Trump’s White House bid.  Ryan described these comments as “ABSOLUTELY INDEFENSIBLE.”  

trump racist bigot

Imagine the President of the United States speaking as a representative of America and making what the leader of the Republicans admits to be the “textbook definition of a racist” remark.  Trump campaign spokeswoman doubled-down on these remarks and indicated it would be appropriate to attack a female federal judge based on her gender.

Implicit in Trump’s rationale is the fact that he must recognize that he has made comments that were offensive to Hispanics and women.  Instead of trying to pretend that he isn’t racist or misogynistic, he simply uses those indefensible remarks to justify disparaging federal court judges.

 Update: Republican Senator Kirk from Illinois has withdrawn support for Trump.”It is absolutely essential that we are guided by a commander in chief with a responsible and proper temperament, discretion and judgment,” Kirk said in a statement. “Our president must be fit to command the most powerful military the world has ever seen, including an arsenal of thousands of nuclear weapons. After much consideration, I have concluded that Donald Trump has not demonstrated the temperament necessary to assume the greatest office in the world.”

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