Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal: Part VII Two Pages that Highlight the Culture of Corruption of the Secret Service

palin cheney checkin her out

Among thousands of documents produced by the Secret Service in Response to my FOIA request, and as a result of the Order of the Court requiring production of thousands of pages of documents, I call your attention to just two documents.  In just these two documents, you will see the corruption that defines the Secret Service.  Here are documents for your review, numbers  16063 16062.  These documents speak for themselves.

david chaney and prostitute

The more documents are produced, the more believable is the story of Shailey Tripp.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

Remember that Todd Palin has never denied the allegations.  David Chaney refused to take a lie detector test.  Shailey took three, and passed all three.

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  1. Those documents sure tell the story of corruption and retaliation for speaking out. Very sad state of affairs.


      1. realitybyte…..You are crazy if you think that Hillary is worse than Trump. That is ridiculous.



    “Attorneys for Dr Salo Schapiro, on trial in Miami for Medicare fraud, says that the FBI and the US Attorney have engaged in a decade-long conspiracy to improperly gain access to confidential defense documents, in a scheme that used a crooked Ft Lauderdale copy shop that slipped CDs containing scanned confidential defense documents that had been entrusted to it to the FBI and the DA. “


    1. observer,
      After the documents produced, and the difficulty of obtaining them, I believe that corruption is common in our government.


  3. At criminal enterprise Beckett Brown International (BBI) a video tape of a female having sex with a dog was a big hit with both former and then-current Secret Service agents. Recently-retired USSS Financial Crimes Division Regional Supervisor Paul Rakowski was the tape’s promoter. It showed a waitress who worked at a restaurant a stone’s throw away from the famous waterfront home Rakowski and Mary Kay President/CEO Amy DiGeso bought to celebrate the destruction of DiGeso’s rival for power at the cosmetics giant. Rakowski was the mastermind behind BBI and later married DiGeso when BBI racketeering and corporate espionage crimes first began to surface…


  4. Malia, have you actually seen Shaileys polygraph results? Could you ask her for them? I tried to find them on the internet but I couldn’t find any source other than Shailey saying they occurred. Is there anything you are aware of that confirms the polygraph results? Why, if she passed did they repeat the test two more times? It seems odd that they would keep repeating it if she kept passing.

    I initially believed this story but the more time goes on and the lack of solid corroborating evidence including actual people coming forward makes me very suspicious. I don’t know how the fact that the secret service has no corroborating evidence and a written denial confirms anything. Keep plugging at this but for now I’m very doubtful.


    1. things that make you go hmm,
      No I have not seen the polygraph tests. However I believe the story as I don’t think the National Enquirer would have published the story if these tests has not been taken. It’s not the I think the Enquirer is so committed to telling the truth, but I think they can’t afford to defend a defamation suit, so I’m sure they did this to protect themselves.


    2. Things that make you go hmmmm:

      Like you, I also initially believed this story, and like you, I’m also becoming more skeptical as the years roll by, compounded by the lack of solid corroborating evidence including actual people coming forward. Like you, I also don’t understand how Secret Service having no corroborating evidence and furnishing a written denial ‘confirms’ anything she alleges.

      I feel idiotic for having supported her when she claimed she was assaulted and for having supported her again when it seemed likely that her book would be made into a movie. At this time, I’m inclined to believe that Joe McGinnis was right about her, that she is a destitute prostitute likely to say anything to make a buck.

      I just looked up her resume on linkedin. She lists herself as the holder of a doctoral degree.

      Universal Life Church
      Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Metaphysics and Divinity
      2015 – 2016

      I hold a honary PHD with Universal Life Church after completing an independent study on Divinity and Metaphysics. I am also a legally lic ordained Minister.”

      The more I read about Tripp, the more I hate myself for ever having believed a single word she said.


      1. I checked that credential. It is legitimate. She really holds both. PhD of Divinity and of Metaphysics with Universal Life Church. She could choose to do ministry work legally with those credentials. She can even officiate weddings and funerals or act as Chaplain with those credentials. Seems this adds to her credibility not detract from it. Her resume also states she is an office manager. Again that lends to her trustworthiness not detract.


  5. Malia, you’re talking about a profession that has been used for centuries in every facet of political life, business, industry… How are you surprised? Do you not know US presidential history? Monogamy is not natural and that is proven over and over again. It’s also why people really don’t care about a person’s personal life because no one is better than anyone else.


    1. R2D2,
      Of course I understand that Presidents have been involved in scandalous affairs, but it is still shocking to me that the Director of the Secret Service can lie to Congress, under oath, and nobody seems to think that should be a punishable offense!

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      1. Oh I’m talking about each industry and its own similar inner politics, not just that most presidents/humans have flaws.

        There were stories about London banks not 10 years ago and how people within them used hookers in the way governments and business do.


  6. Now we all know what “secret” means. Russia, China, and North Korea spent billions on arms to defend themselves against the U.S.. All they needed was hookers and online porn.


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