Donald Trump: The Republican Party Train Wreck!



The term “Train Wreck”  has been used to describe a catastrophic event.  It is characterized by being predictable, avoidable, and deadly.  The nomination of Donald Trump is a Train Wreck!  It is now predictable.  He has the requisite number of delegates.  It should have been avoidable.  People within the GOP who have recently, reluctantly endorsed Trump, should have stood up to Trump and refused to support such a dangerous candidate.  It will be deadly!   Trump has historically high unfavorability ratings.  A whopping  67% of all Americans dislike him.

Almost half of Republican voters dislike Trump.  All demographics confirm this result.  Men, women, young, old, conservatives, moderates, liberals, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics all agree that they dislike Donald Trump.  Trump may be able to make America great again by uniting the country in a common dislike of Trump!  Not since David Duke has America disliked a candidate to such a great extent.

kkk trump


Perhaps the reason Trump is popular with some voters like Duke, is that he, like some Muslim extremists, consider it appropriate to beat women.  After all it’s not enough for the Donald to pretend to be anti-choice.  He is in favor of punishing any woman who has an abortion.

This is an example of Trump’s willingness to ignore any woman’s civil rights.  Since Roe vs. Wade, a woman has a right under the Constitution to have an abortion.  Yet Trump says he is in favor of PUNISHMENT for any woman who exercises that right.  Worse yet is the fact the Trump previously indicated he was “Pro-choice.”

Donald Trump is a man of no principles!  He has transformed himself from a position that he was “very pro-choice” to a position that he states a woman should be PUNISHED  for having an abortion.  What would Trump suggest as an appropriate punishment?  Stoning? Beating?  Burning? Jail? Cutting her head off?


7 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Republican Party Train Wreck!

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  1. Why do none of you FINISH trump’s statement? He said YES women should be punished for abortion. Then Chris asked him should the man who takes her to get an abortion be punished? He flat out said NO! Without hesitation! But no one mentions that key IMPORTANT AS HELL bit of information. Way more important than JUST PUNISH THE WOMEN. My gawd does anybody listen to this monstrosity and what he really says. He’s disgusting as all hell. And I really wish CNN MSNBC FOX and all MSM would STOP giving him a pass on his ignorant childish racist rants. I mean really. WTF are we doing here? Stupid Idiots. A trump president will SHUT MEDIA DOWN! All of us will lose. Trump will not let them report news on how he’s fucking up our country. Just like the other tyrants in ME. People have gone literally stupid in America with all the racist BS GOP has fed them for years. Never stopping. They are beyond UN AMERICAN! These people are down right disgusting along with the trump white supremacist!


  2. It is hard to conceive that Americans could be so ill informed that they would vote for this man. His level of immaturity is striking and like our old nemesis Palin, he has the thinnest skin around. He would be an unmitigated disaster as president. Just the thought of it is chilling.


  3. Now that The Donald has reached critical mass, he oughtta take a few weeks off, collect his thoughts, and write his manifesto “Mein Drumpf.” A pamphlet, most likely. But a yuuuge, great, white powerful pamphlet. We The Poorly Educated People need to know where the Orange Menace stands on all the issues. Expect revised editions all the way through November. Multiple revised editions. Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter might be of assistance if the price is right.


  4. Trump is whoever he has to be in order to make a deal …or run for the presidency. He is above all a salesman, not a politician nor statesman. He is however completely ill-suited to running ANY country.


  5. In due time, the rest of Drumpf will emerge. He will paint Blacks as the cause of crime and drug dealing. His final and ultimate target is Jews. He will go after them as white collar criminals who suppress the middle and lower classes. Jewish businessmen have outperformed Trump in his chosen fields, and that feeds his ultimate grudge and resentment.


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