Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal: Part V. The Deception of David Chaney and the Secret Service

Part IV of this series highlighted the culture of corruption within the Secret Service.  That culture of corruption reached the highest level in the Secret Service, to include the willingness of Mark Sullivan,the ex-director of the Secret Service to LIE to Congress.  He didn’t only lie, he committed perjury.  He took an oath to tell the truth. Evidently the culture of the Secret Service is to violate the ethical rules of the Secret Service, and if caught to lie about it.  It’s not my opinion, but a Congressional Report found that Sullivan lied.

mark sullivan

Instead of going to jail, he was allowed to resign with all the benefits that retirement from a high-paying government job would entail.  The President and Janet Napolitano praised Mr. Sullivan and his dedication and INTEGRITY.  Napolitano said:

“I want to thank Mark Sullivan for his nearly seven years as Director of the United States Secret Service, 29 years of service to five presidents and 34 years of service to the country in law enforcement,”

“His commitment to keeping our country and its top officials safe is unparalleled, and his devotion to the mission of the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security has been unwavering.”

janet napolitano


President Obama praised Sullivan in a statement and thanked him for protecting five first families, “including my own.”

“Mark has led the agency with incredible dedication and integrity,” Obama said.  In spite of the fact that Sullivan should have gone to jail for perjury, he was allowed to retire with full benefits and the praise and admiration from the President and Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

obama laughing

Given this background, it is not surprising that A.T. Smith coerced my agreement to settle the claims for violation of the FOIA in July of 2014.  Now that a suit has been pending in Federal Court for over one year, I finally have documents that reveal the true story of the investigation of allegations against Chaney and Todd Palin by Shailey Tripp.

To put this report in context, remember that I filed a FOIA request in June of 2012.  Virtually NO documents were produced in response to this request, even after one year.  The Secret Service wrongfully led me to believe that there were “enforcement proceedings” pending.  (subject of a post to come)  Thinking that there was some type of action being brought against Todd Palin for working as a pimp, I agreed to withdraw all  FOIA requests, and not re-file them for at least 6 months, in exchange for a statement of David Chaney.

Imagine my surprise when I received the statement of Chaney, in which over half of the statement was redacted, with no justification or even arguable explanation.  It took a Court Order in the pending case to motivate the Secret Service to produce the documents that illuminate that really happened.

  1.  After the Colombia incident the Secret Service went into “damage control” mode and sought to ensure that the members of the Secret Service did not disclose anything to the Office of Inspector General that might put the Secret Service in a negative light.
  2. Shailey Tripp gave a statement to the Secret Service implicating Todd Palin.  Ms. Tripp asserted that Todd Palin met with she and three men at a bagel shop in Alaska, for the purpose of making sure the men knew who to call to have their sexual needs met.  Shailey Tripp identified David Chaney as one of the men at that meeting.  She identified Chaney as one of the men who came to her for sexual services.

palin cheney checkin her out

Ms. Tripp was unable to identify who the other two men were who she met at the bagel shop.

3.  In the part of the statement of David Chaney that was redacted by A.T. Smith, there was a reference to David Chaney and two other agents who were assigned to guard Sarah Palin while in Alaska.  In the documents recently produced by the Secret Service, the actual two names are still redacted, but the context is clear that the two people were identified by Chaney.

4. When A.T. Smith produced the statement of Chaney in July of 2013, a final line of the statement was redacted.  In the recent documents produced by the Secret Service, that line has been included in the statement produced.  It reads:

”  I am willing to take a polygraph to the aforementioned facts.”  (Bates No. 268)  This statement was contained in the first of four notebooks of documents produced by the Secret Service.  The date of the statement of Chaney was June 6, 2012.

In the fourth notebook produced by the Secret Service (Bates number 3075) 2800 pages later,is a two line text message of David Chaney.  It is dated June 6, 2012.  The time oft he text is 12:30 pm.  Thus it HAD to have been sent withing one-two hours of the  statement referred to above, Bates No. 268.  That text reads:

“After conferring with counsel I have decided not to take a polygraph.  David Chaney.__________ sent from my iPhone.”

Not only was that part of the statement of Chaney never produced as part of the settlement agreement, but it also illustrates the deceptive nature of the production of the redacted statement.  The fact that Chaney refused to give a polygraph statement implies he knew that he couldn’t pass such a test because he was lying.  However the fact that he changed his mind after consulting with council makes it even more suspicious that he refused to take a lie detector test. Finally, the fact that this statement was never provided as part of the “settlement agreement” by A. T. Smith, indicates that even Smith thought the refusal to take a polygraph was problematic.

at smith secret service

Additionally, the polygraph analysis of the statements taken of the agents in Cartagena have never been produced.  However the documents  that have been produced indicate that several of the agents involved in the Colombia scandal were found to have been “deceptive” when giving their statements.

The bottom line is that before the National Enquirer ran the story of Todd Palin being the pimp of Shailey Tripp, Ms. Tripp was given and passed three lie detector tests.  Now when Ms. Tripp accuses David Chaney of coming to her   for sexual services Mr. Chaney denies the allegations, but refused to take a polygraph.  Todd has never bothered to even deny the allegations.  It seems obvious who is telling the truth!

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

Is Todd wearing sunglasses because it is bright?  Is it the light shinning on the corruption of the Secret Service that Todd is trying to block out?

todd palin sunglasses

Todd and his attorney have never responded to my invitation to deny the allegations of Ms. Tripp regarding David Chaney.  That letter was sent in March of 2013, before the settlement agreement was signed.  Todd and his attorney never responded to that letter.  David Chaney never took the polygraph to assess his truthfulness when he denied the allegations of Shailey Tripp.  Ms. Tripp has taken three.
boys will be boys two



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  1. Malia, the cover-up taking place here is massive in size, scope and sophistication!!! Multiple followers of this blog have commented on Richard Beckett and Paul Rakowski being involved in the use of Todd’s prostitutes for blackmail and extortion purposes. Rakowski hatched and launched criminal enterprise Beckett Brown International (BBI) from INSIDE the U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Division where he was their Regional Supervisor. BBI committed countless racketeering and corporate espionage crimes against corporations, organizations and individuals. Today, a number of BBI successor companies are operating, committing all kinds of hideous crimes. Any evidence regarding the use of hookers by those sleazy outfits would be very helpful…


    1. John Dodd,
      So far, what I have seen doesn’t include the name of Beckett Brown but I’ll let if i see it in the documents stillc oming.


  2. Do correct me if I am wrong, but this is the first time you’ve mentioned Shailey allegedly met 3 men (not just Chaney) in the bagel shop.


    1. Not Hillary,
      I think you are correct. I hadn’t focused on who these two me were as she didn’t know who they were, so I couldn’t presume that they we in the Secret SErvice. However now that I realize the Secret SErvice went to some effort to hide the names of these two agents, I realize that they we probably at the meeting too!





    Track Palin weighs Anchorage Veterans Court for domestic violence charges

    … The victim in the case in February requested a “no-contact” order against Palin be lifted but apparently no action was taken, Palin’s attorney Kevin Fitzgerald said during a court hearing Thursday in Palmer. District Court Judge John Wolfe told the Palmer District Attorney’s office to contact the woman to make sure she still wants the order deleted.

    Fitzgerald participated in the hearing by phone. Palin wasn’t there.

    Fitzgerald told the judge he intends to transfer the Palin case to Anchorage Veterans Court, a program for veterans charged with misdemeanors who may need behavioral health treatment.

    The next Veterans Court hearing date is Tuesday, he said. “My client intends on attending that.”

    But Palin is not officially participating in the court program yet, according to Anchorage District Attorney Clint Campion, a military veteran who oversees it.

    “We’ve been in negotiations,” Campion said. “Ultimately, a few things have to happen. The biggest thing is No. 1, Mr. Palin has to decide he would want to go down that path. He hasn’t officially yet. I think he’s trying to gather information.”

    Anyone eligible for benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is eligible for the program.



    1. WTF?
      Isn’t it terrific that we look out for our veterans suffering from PTSD!!! I know that every time I drive a jeep I want to beat someone up, assuming I can find someone around who is weaker than I, and preferably someone who is pregnant with someone who shares my DNA!


      1. lol he didn’t beat a pregnant person when he didn’t know she was pregnant. And really, one assault while drinking does not an abuser make. Now, if he were sober, different story. He isn’t a bad man. Many people learn to refrain from drinking because of how they react when agitated. At least he’s not an addict. He’s a hardworkin man and good father who hates attention. Media exaggeration stories don’t help. Look at all the actual celebrities who throw punches at paps. Our media needs to change.


      2. realitybyte,
        You are right. He might not have known she was pregnant, he might have thought that she was just a helpless female. He might not have realized that his assault weapon wasn’t loaded. He was probably simply trying to protect the ones he loves. When he was arrested by the APD he probably just wanted to see his buddies down at the police station. He isn’t a bad man. For God’s sake he married the mother of his first child, and I bet he’ll marry the second one. He’s not an addict, but just dabbles now and then with illegal substances. Poor Track!


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