The Rock Star of Stem Cell Treatment is Coming to Dallas!

Many people who have been frequent readers of this blog know that I have Multiple Sclerosis.  Some know that I have been treated by Dr.Dimitros Karussis in the Hadassah Hospital in Israel with stem cell therapy.  Dr. Karussis has used the same treatment for ALS patients, and had amazing success.  No other physician in the world has found any treatment for ALS.  Dr. Karussis has extended the life of ALS patients by TWO YEARS!!!  Let me say that again, in case you didn’t understand.  Dr. Karussis’s stem cell treatment has extended the life of an ALS patient by TWO YEARS.  That is an eternity for an ALS patient.

dr karussis

This research and treatment is a “potential breakthrough” in the treatment of ALS.  Until now, January of 2016,  there was no proven method to slow the progression of Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Dr. Karussis collects the patient’s own stem cells through a bone marrow extraction, and then grows the patient’s own cells through a proprietary process.  He then injects the patient’s own cells into the spinal fluid through a spinal tap.

Researchers followed 26 patients for the past four years and 90 percent of patients experienced improvements in walking, talking and hand movement within a month of treatment.  The results lasted for several months.  One patient in his study was only 22 years old.  “The disease completely stopped progressing and he had a significant improvement in many of his functions including his ability to speak and his motor functions of the hands.

I too have experienced amazing results from the two infusions I have had.  I invited Dr.Karussis to come to Dallas to bring awareness of this breakthrough to the United States for other patients.  This revolutionary treatment  may be used in the future to treat Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injuries.  He arrives today!!!!!  While in Dallas, Dr. Karussis will be meeting with Dr. Greenberg at UT Southwestern to discuss the possibility of replicating his research here.  He will be presenting information on the revolutionary treatment at the Center for Brain Health.  He will also be presenting to the public at a luncheon at the J.C.C. at 12:00 on Tues the 24rd.

Jonas Salk,the research scientist who discovered an immunization for polio said:

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality. 

 jonas salk

For thousands of people afflicted with ALS, MS, and other autoimmune diseases, this therapy now represents a reason for patients’ dreams to become a reality.  Dr. Karussis has dedicated 20 years of his life to the study of stem cell therapy.  Politicians  will come and go, but scientists like Dr. Karussis make an indelible mark on humanity.  

I am grateful to Dr. Karussis for the advancement in MS treatment, for his work in ALS, and for bringing this discovery to America.  I am grateful to Haddassah Medical Organization for making this research possible, and facilitating Dr. Karussis’s vist to America.


For over a century, Hadassah has extended its hand to all, regardless of race, religion, or gender. People from all the countries turn to Hadassah for help. They are treated alongside patients from the Mediterranean Basin, Europe, South America and the United States.  More than a million people are treated annually in over 120 outpatient clinics and more than 70 departments and specialized units. A complete range of diagnostic laboratories as well as the innovative imaging machines and other state-of-the-art equipment back these clinical arms.

Hadassah’s physicians and scientists are actively engaged in a wide variety of extensive basic and clinical research projects, looking for new ways to treat current conditions. More than half of all hospital research conducted in Israel is conducted at Hadassah.

hadassah the powerof women who do

Consistent with its philosophy of equal treatment and employment opportunities, Hadassah Medical Organization has always embodied the concept that medicine serves as a bridge to peace. For many years Hadassah has been providing medical services to Palestinians who live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Since 1960, Hadassah has trained over 700 students from more than 90 countries for a Master of Public Health; helped more than one million Africans retain their eyesight, while training local doctors to continue fighting eye disease; brought critical care expertise to earthquake-torn Armenia, Turkey and Greece and to tsunami victims in Sri Lanka; and assisted in the recovery effort at the bombed U.S. Embassies in Nairobi. Hadassah symbolizes initiative and innovation, education and excellence, caring and commitment. It is a vibrant example of volunteers and professionals working together across countries and continents, helping and healing, dedicated to changing people’s lives.

The work of Dr. Karussis and the Hadassah Hospital staff have forever changed my life.  I will always be in their debt.  This visit may be the first step towards changing the life for ALS and MS patients across America.

hope crutches


10 thoughts on “The Rock Star of Stem Cell Treatment is Coming to Dallas!

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  1. Bless your heart, Malia…and bless Dr. Karussis’ heart, too. This research will provide an enormous positive impact for all mankind. It is amazing what human beings can accomplish, when they work together.

    Wishing you nothing but continued success with your medical treatment.*

    *And every other thing, great and small.


    1. Cracklin Charlie,
      Thanks so much for your kind wishes, and remember that you hear about Dr. Karussis here first,…before he won the Nobel Prize!


  2. So glad it has worked for you!

    You mentioned ‘other auto-immune diseases’. Has this therapy been tried for lupus?


    1. A nonymouse,
      Not that I know of yet, but I think there are lots of things on the horizon! Stay tuned. I think we are about to see an explosion in stem cell therapy


  3. Thank you for letting more of the world know about this brave and innovative doc! And I’m very glad his treatments have helped you.

    Your intense work on this blog must be incredibly time consuming and energy consuming. For my part, while I adore your sense of humor and your more comical posts, with the serious FOIA analysis you’re doing–I worry that the lighter posts about Todd’s penis, Sarah acting nuts, etc might make it harder for mainstream media to understand the historical and legal importance of your incredible work.

    We love being entertained by the lighter stuff, but maybe it’s a better use of your time and health and energy to just focus on the groundbreaking game changer material? Don’t feel you have to do humorous posts all the time, is what I guess I want to tell you. The deadly serious stuff is compelling enough!

    But follow YOUR muse, Malia; and disregard these random thoughts if they seem out of line.

    You’re the best!


  4. Continued success with your journey Malia.
    I don’t know how you manage to do all you and do it so well.
    I’m still waiting on the possibility that stem cell research will someday include help for COPD sufferers.


    1. ChuckTx,
      I think there is a real hope for treatment of so many diseases that we haven’t even begun to explore all the possibilities!


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