Flash Mob at Hadassah Hospital in Israel

This is the hospital in Israel where Dr. Karussis has treated patients with MS and ALS from around the world.


5 thoughts on “Flash Mob at Hadassah Hospital in Israel

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  1. Thank You so much, Malia, for posting this.
    The look of joy on the faces, especially some of the young patients, brought tears to my eyes!


    1. Miss Demeanor,
      I cry every time Iwatch it! The people at this hospital really represent hope that the world will really unite one day and there will be peace on earth.


  2. What a beautiful gesture on the musicians’ part.

    Some of these people are a living testament to a victory over the hatred, racism, and the insanity of the 1930’s and 1940’s.

    I see in their faces the story of how their parents and grandparents escaped the holocaust, and persecution of Europe and here they are as if by a miracle bringing joy and beauty to their fellows.

    I lost at least 30 members of my own family in the Holocaust, and not a day goes by that I don’t remember what they had to face.

    . Imagine the world we could create if we humans ever evolve to value peace, education,a global consciousness, and the health, education, and welfare of everyone on the planet.


    1. jkarov,
      …and that’s what it is really like at the Hadassah hospital! It’s like Star Wars because you see so many people from all over the world, and everyone is treated the same. It’s an amazing place!


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