Another Sarah Palin Disaster on the Horizon?

palin 2008

From the moment Sarah Palin took the stage at the 2008 Republican Convention, people asked “How could he?”  We were aghast that John McCain could put America in danger of ever having Sarah Palin become the President of the United States.  Now the question that we should all be asking is who else was responsible?  How could anyone be so foolish as to think that she could ever be prepared to lead the country?  Wasn’t it obvious to anyone doing any checking that she was not the conservative that she pretended to be?  Her level of incompetence and inexperience was apparent in her job as Governor of Alaska.  Yet she was still selected.

As we are aghast that Donald Trump is about to become the GOP nominee, there is a greater threat than Trump.  It is that Sarah Palin could be picked as his Vice Presidential Running mate.  The writing could be on the wall…or the bathroom stall.  A.B. Culvahouse Jr. is a 67 year old politico who helped McCain vet Sarah Palin.  Evidently the Donald thinks Mr. Culvahouse did such a fantastic job in the ’08 election that Trump has selected him to vet his potential choices for Vice President.  


Culvahouse identified Palin as having “a lot of capacity.”  Culvahouse has since laughed about the Palin pick.  He said to McCain…”Well, what’s your bottom line?’ I said, ‘John. High risk, high reward.’ And his response, ‘You shouldn’t have told me that, I’ve been a risk-taker all of my life.'”  Thus Culvahouse wasn’t focused on who would be good for America, but who might help McCain get elected.

The frightening thing is that even though Trump has already made it known that he would find a place in his cabinet for Sarah Palin, he is still the Republican front runner.

trump palin

Sarah was clearly selected by Culvahouse and McCain based on her youth and appearance.  We can only hope that her appearance has declined sufficiently that Trump will opt for a younger, more attractive choice?!

palin fat two

palin zika

palin neck

palin yoga

She is also perceived now as a much older woman.  During the ’08 campaign she was perceived to be a new mother.  She is now an old grandmother.

bristol and trig one

bristol return to work

track jordan expecting


If there was ever a question about Trump’s judgment, or what type of leaders he would pick as his closest advisers, just remember that his biggest decision thus far is who he would choose to vet his Vice Presidential pick.  By selecting the person who recommended Palin for the V.P. slot in ’08, we have learned all we need to know about the type of judgment Trump would exercise if elected President.

old lady laughing

10 thoughts on “Another Sarah Palin Disaster on the Horizon?

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  1. I can’t think of a good opening. Maybe this time the door wont hit me in the a$$??? hahaha.

    Trump Palin 2016!

    A beatdown at every hoedown!

    Get drunk and lose your underwear? OFTEN? Don’t worry we WILL build that wall!

    Free 310 Shakes for all rill ‘Murricans will have the militias running for the nearest slit trench! There are lots of rill ‘Murricans who are full of shit so someone will get rich selling all those ass rocket drinks!

    New slogan for our kids to learn with the Plege of Allegiance! “Abstinence OR Marriage, pick one or the other!

    New campaign emphasis on the so called Climate change. HEY LIBTARDS There is still some ice left so what’s taking SOOOOOO long?

    Special blog coverage on BLOOD LIBEL- I now what it is when I see it!

    P.S. send money b/c the kids keep breeding like RABBITS! Cash is even more better than online payments.

    Thank you
    Signed Tundra TURD

    Good work Barstool, just spell my name right b/c it IS NOT TUNDRA TURD! and change all the flipping four letter words. Actually this is a piece of crap. Don’t use those stamps yet you little ingrate!

    How many shakes did you sell today? Did you apologize to the ghost writer yet? Any luck with Trig’s Birth cert?

    get busy!


  2. A lot of capacity to screw this country up! What a knucklehead this guy must be and Trump too if he thinks Palin has any sense at all. Culvahouse must be the worst judge of character on the planet. He thinks he sees character when there is none at all.


  3. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me…”

    I think putting Culvahouse in charge of the VP selection almost guarantees that it won’t be Palin. If you read some of his interviews, it’s clear that he realizes picking Palin was a big mistake in 2008. He’s being a gentleman about it, not directly criticizing her (or Senator McCain for making the final decision,) but still. It was a disastrous mistake and he’s smart enough to know it. With 8 additional years worth of evidence of how unqualified Palin is, I can’t imagine he’ll allow himself to make the same mistake twice.


  4. “Another Sarah Palin Disaster on the Horizon?” To answer your question, yes, there certainly is. In what form it may appear is open to conjecture but regardless of that, it will be a disaster if she is anywhere near. Disaster follows her around like a black cloud.

    To an extent I hope Donald would be foolish enough to make her his running mate, even though I doubt he will because I believe he really does understand it will kill his chances.

    On the other side of that coin, if he actually did select her, is the possibility that due to unforeseen circumstances, he might actually become the President and that is one disaster I don’t want to see. There are too many consequences involved that it would be simply unbearable.


  5. OT Sorry, I am hearing Drumpt at the NRA. Don’t want to but the person I live with thinks he is great and so right now I have no choice.
    Drumpt is ridiculous!! How anyone can find anything he says of any value at all is beyond my comprehension. He lies, he promises actions that are impossible, that are not legal and not in the power of any president. Much less the idiot promising them.OK. OK is his favorite saying. That and “this I can tell you”.He says nothing except how great he is and how much everyone loves him and all he does.
    I despise this disgusting excuse of a human being. May he rot along with his wild animal killing sons.
    He just said “I am going to win so much you will be tired of winning. etc.” What on earth does that even mean
    Sorry for the rant. Just had to release some built up outrage.
    Thanks Malia for all you do.
    For what it’s worth, I know someone involved in SS goings on in DC and he tells stories that support you 100%.


  6. Malia – Did Culvahouse even interview or Google Palin in 2008?
    O/T – Wonder if Trump told Sarah to STFU after her rant criticizing Paul Ryan right before the two men met? Has the PAC run dry? Did she have to reduce the price on the Arizona house? Is Toad in the hospital for follow-up surgery? Is Trig going to have to repeat kindergarten? Is Sarah memorizing her lines so she can perform the nuptials for Track and Jordan? Has the dog Jill gone missing? Wonder what is really going on with the Wasilla loon?


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