Trump Should Pick Sarah Palin for VP?

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Red State features an article today which declares that Sarah Palin the, half-term quitter, who has not held political office for 7 years, should be his ONLY choice for Vice President.  The author explains quite simply that “ if you don’t like it you can cram it.

For goodness sake.  If she was qualified to be McCain’s running mate, she surely is the logical choice for Trump.  Consider all that she did to qualify herself before the ’08 election.

rebuttal to the rogue

My favorite is the Road to Nowhere.

road to nowhere

The “Road To Nowhere” was a $375 million “mega-project” designed to connect Juneau to the towns of Haines and Skagway via 50 miles of new road along the steep slopes of an avalanche-battered canal, ending at a ferry terminal at the Haines river.

As of 2005, Haines had a population of 2,400, while Skagway had 870 residents.  According to the Alaska Transportation Priorities Project, a group promoting “sensible transportation systems in the state,” the Road to Nowhere is an irresponsible waste. The project has received more than $100 million in federal and state funding.

Since the ’08 election she has enhanced her credentials by:

  1.  Sarah quit her job as Governor.


2.  She has given lessons in sensitivity to gun violence victims.

3. She has given lessons on religious sacraments.

4.  She has become an expert on warfare.


5. She has become an American History expert.

6.  She has become a celebrity.


palin tan hand

7.  She has become the grandmother to 3 1/2 more children.

track jordan expecting

bristol return to work

bristol and trig one

8.  Todd is really staying at home now.

todd at home after injuries

9.  Sarah is more fit than ever.

palin fat two

10.  Sarah has perfected her public speaking skills.

11.  The Palin family has united, defending each other from vicious attacks.

12. She has learned to protect the environment by economizing on gas.

13.  She has a dog.

trig on dog

14.  She still has a son/grandson with Down’s syndrome.

palin thanksgiving trig arm neckchocking  palin thanksgiving trig

15.  She knows how to pick winners.

16.  She has some amazing friends.

palin duck dynasty two  palinduggar one    palin cheney checkin her out  palin cruz hug  palin limbaugh sum of all fears

Rocker Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin laugh before a rally for Republican senate candidate John Raese at Haddad Riverfront Park in Charleston, W.Va., on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010. (AP Photo/Jon C. Hancock)

17. She already has a theme song.

Sarah Palin would be the perfect compliment to the Donald.  Together they would make America great again!

nuclear explosion

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  1. They could use the following slogans:

    Trial And Error And Error And Error And Error And Error And Error
    Make America Caustic


  2. You are incorrect about what the “road to nowhere” is. It is located on gravina island near ketchikan and was designed to co nect gravina island with a bridge where the road stops to the island ketchikan is on. Army corp refused to give permit for bridge because of waterway issues so that cruise ships would have trouble going under bridge. Part of the money for this project originated with sen frank murkowski and eould allow access for property his wife’s famiky owned.

    The road you talked about is a road to give a access for a gold mine and would place a ferry terminal 75 miles from juneau in the middle of nowhere. This terminal would then connect to haines and Skagway which have road access to the alcan highway and to the rest of alaska or to the lower 48


    1. bearwoman,
      I don’t pretend to be an expert. I don’t live in Alaska. I only know what national media reported and what the Alaskan Transportation Priorities Project said. You will see that I provided links to the source of myinformation. I’d be glad to look any any source you might refer me to.


      1. KETCHIKAN, Alaska (CNN) — The “Bridge to Nowhere” may have been shelved. But the “Road to Nowhere” is alive and well.

        The proposed $400 million span that would have connected the coastal city of Ketchikan to its airport on Gravina Island died after it became a symbol of congressional excess.

        But the three-mile access road that was built on the island is ready for residents to take a drive to nowhere. It was paid for by some of the $223 million in federal funding that sparked ridicule among opponents of congressional “pork-barrel” spending.

        In stump speeches, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has touted her eventual decision to abandon the Gravina Island bridge, which she initially supported. But Palin, now the Republican vice presidential candidate, let the access road go ahead because the contract to build it had been signed, a campaign aide said. Are you in a battleground state? Share your stories

        Ketchikan Mayor Bob Weinstein calls the road, which was paid for by federal tax dollars, a waste of money that could have been used to fix his city’s roads and sidewalks.

        “Gov. Palin could have stopped construction of this road,” said Weinstein, who wore his “Nowhere, Alaska” T-shirt to an interview with CNN. Video Watch where road ends »

        The picture you posted is where the road on gravina island ends.

        The link you showed does indeed call the road from Juneau northward “the road to nowhere.”


  3. I think he should pick a bag of rocks for his VP. You have to admit, a bag of rocks makes less mistakes and has about fifty IQ points on quitter.


  4. Palin would be the female version of the presidents played by Leslie Nielsen and Lloyd Bridges. She has a problem identifying countries, continents, and the Departments of our government. Imagine trying to get Sarah and Donald the demographics of the Middle Eastern factions. It would be easier to train a dog on Aristotle’s Fifth Book of Ethics.


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