Trump Denies That He Said What He Said

donald trump white suit


CNN features a story wherein it was suggested that it was Donald Trump imitating a publicist working for him. Trump denies that he said those things about himself.   He says “its not me.”


He denies that this was him.  It wouldn’t be the first time that he’s denied something he said.


trump funny face

2 thoughts on “Trump Denies That He Said What He Said

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  1. The media never pushes back at him. If it’s wrong to talk about him from 20 years ago, does that mean that he’ll stop talking about Bill Clinton’s affair. When he was asked about what he said, he said that was a nasty question, why? was what he said nasty. He had a fit that Jake didn’t kiss his back side. I don’t know why he ran for president with such thin skin, he never forgets the slightest thing said about him, even just repeating his own words. He lashes out at all of them and tries to destroy them and he will if gets the power. It’s another thing him and Sarah have in common. It’s so hard to believe that so many people are willing to go from a intelligent, dignified, thoughtful, moral president to the exact opposite.


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