New Poll Results: Trump Beats Cockroaches and Hemorrhoids

Trump claims that he will make America Great Again.

trump make america great with women trump dog two trump dog three trump funny face

However in a recent poll it doesn’t seem that most voters think that he can or would.  Given the choice of Trump being the next President, the majority of voters have a higher opinion of head lice,

head lice

traffic jams, used-car salesmen, hipsters, the DMV, jury duty, Nickelback, and root canals than the Donald.

root canal


In fact, the only things that Trump is viewed more favorably than are cockroaches and hemorrhoids.


Trump beats cockroaches 46 percent to 42 percent, and he beats hemorrhoids 45 percent to 39 percent.

Why would God let this happen?



5 thoughts on “New Poll Results: Trump Beats Cockroaches and Hemorrhoids

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  1. God could have hurled an asteroid the size of New Jersey at the earth. He’s still vengeful and wrathful if he’s in the mood. But in this case, God chose a surgically precise extinction event. He hurled an orange, toxic gasbag instead. The entire planet is saved, except for GOTPers. Cockroaches may give thanks.


  2. I had a root canal yesterday. Despite the high price and the discomfort, I would pick the procedure any day over having Donald Trump as a major public figure in this or any other country.

    The root canal was ordered when an abscess was found: Untreated abscesses can spread to the meninges or pericardium. They can be fatal. So am I glad I had that root canal? Absolutely!

    Now if only we could deactivate Trump so effectively… but yes, we can–if we GOTV!


  3. what exactly does Melania Trump stand for? has she ever said a word that wasn’t an extension of, or which orbited, Donald?
    (prostitution pays better in USA than in Slovenia or Slovakia, huh Melania?)


  4. A new Quinnipiac poll came out with Trump almost even with Hilary. Big news….until you look at the method. Again it only polled land line users and people who answer unknown incoming cell calls. Why don’t they just say a poll of old people? They need to admit that the polling method excludes 90% of the voters.


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