Choose Me! Your Worst Fears Confirmed About Sarah Palin

palin choose me for vp

It’s been 8 years since John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate.  We know much more about Palin today than we did then.  She looks much different.

palin eyebrow two rnc

She has more books than she did then.

going rogue  america by heartpalin christmas book

She’s been the star of more television shows than then.

sarah palin's alaska  palin boots


She has more grandkids than she did then.

palin wink palin trig arizona todd palin's 50th



Single mom Bristol Palin gives birth to her second child - daughter Sailor Grace - seven months after calling off her wedding to hero marine Dakota Meyer  Single mother Bristol Palin gives birth to her daughter Sailor Grace - seven months after NEW The 25-year-old welcomed her newborn baby girl one day before her due date on December 24. Bristol shared the happy news of Sailor's birth on her Instagram account on Thursday, saying she felt her 'family couldn't be more complete', however there was no sign of Dakota in the pictures, one of which featured her cradling her baby, while the other was of Sailor and her son Tripp. While announcing that she was expecting her second child out of wedlock, Bristol referred to the pregnancy as a 'huge disappointment' to her family. Bristol's first child, son Tripp, was born on December 27, 2008. His father is Bristol's ex-boyfriend Levi Johnson
She’s been in more fights than she was then.

bristol hiding face at party

We know more about Todd than we did then.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp  boys will be boys two

We know more about Sarah than we did then.

joe mcginnis book  frank bailey book  rebuttal to the rogue

Yet we know that if Trump picks Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate

(1) He doesn’t really want to be President of the United States.

(2) He will lose.

(3) Women across the country will turn out to support his opponent in the race.

(4) It will signal the end of the Republican Party.  They will never recover.

(5) An “independent” candidate will surely enter the race and split the conservative vote.

(6)  It will do permanent damage to our country.


Whatever your political views, surely we can all agree that a Trump/Palin ticket would do unspeakable harm to our country.

palin self destructtrump funny face  palin neck

4 thoughts on “Choose Me! Your Worst Fears Confirmed About Sarah Palin

Add yours

  1. Malia,
    She would QUIT, just like she did as governor of Alaska, she didn’t even want to finish one term! No one should care what she says. She is a BUM.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Malia – Sarah Palin apparently believes she is politically savvy and must have had Trump’s approval to go on Tapper’s show and criticize the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, even threatening, or suggesting, she will endorse Ryan’s opponent, Paul Nehlen, if Ryan doesn’t endorse Trump. Sarah said this even though it has been reported Trump and Ryan are scheduled to meet this week.
    So, the REAL point of her being on Tapper’s show? She wanted America to hear her say she has been vetted for the last 8 years which makes her qualified to be VP. She wants her followers, including C4P and Earthquake morons to donate to her PAC. Everything Sarah does is about MONEY!
    Sarah wasn’t qualified to be VP in 2008 and she isn’t qualified now. She didn’t educate herself for the last 8 years, and she hasn’t worked full time in 7 years, therefore, she isn’t qualified for any position in Trump’s administration – if he is (god forbid) elected POTUS.


  3. LET Trump CHOOSE sarah for VP! It would be the icing on the cake and time to party for us! America hates Trump and so do women. They hate sarah even more. GOP are women hating men who use and treat women like dogs. Sarah is his current RW dog. Trump being as stupid as sarah and as conceited and money hungry as sarah the grifter, would choose her for VP. He’s THAT stupid! Like he said all MEN need is a nice piece of ass by their side and MEN will vote for Trump! I see. Although his description for VP pick will have to change to: a nice piece of WRINKLED OLD COKE HAG ASS. FAKE Birthing mom. A woman who raises royal abstinence slut daughters. That will be his VP pick.


  4. the first pic is the real sarah palin. Yes, it is not flattering, but that is the way sarah talks, like she is a somewhat comedian who isn’t really funny and she contorts and twists her mouth to exaggerate because she is TRYING to be funny. The rest of the time, she was just acting coy, flirty, like the women she watched but it just got old and too hard to maintain. She looks the way she is and that is not pretty.


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