Grandma Sarah Quits Being Trig’s Mother

For years we have speculated about whether Sarah Palin is Trig’s mother, or Grandmother.

palin pregnant

There were many reasons to believe that Sarah wasn’t Trig’s mother.  There were as many reasons to believe that Bristol was Trig’s mother.  However over the years, it seems Sarah has lost interest in keeping up the charade.  She quit her job as Governor, and it appears she has quit her job pretending that Trig is her son. Recent pictures posted by Bristol and Sarah create the distinct impression that Trig is living with his real mother, Bristol.

On April 18, Bristol paid tribute to Trig on his eighth birthday by sharing a photo of him sitting on what looks like his sister Piper’s lap.

trig with piper smiling  trig and tripp 8th birthday  (8th birthday photos from Bristol-where is Sarah?)

These are the pictures Sarah posted as recognition of Trig’s 8th birthday:

trig birthday 8th sarah faceboooook

Note, not one of the pictures of Trig included Sarah.  Two of the pictures demonstrate that Trig is with Bristol’s other children.

Notice the happiness of Trig when he is with anyone except Sarah.

trig  7th birthday tripp posted by bristol  (Trig’s 7th birthday photo)

trig birthday 6th with tripp  (Trig’s 6th birthday photo)

trig on 5th birthday trig with willow and piper 5th birthday    (Trig’s 5th birthday photo-Note not one picture of Trig and Sarah)

todd and trig and sailor  todd at home after injuries  (Note how happy Trig looks with Todd)

trig and sailor asleep  trig track and tripp  trig with bristol one

Contrast the images of Trig with Sarah:

sarah trig 2  sarah trig 3

Sarah Palin carries her son Trig off her tour bus as she arrives for a signing of her new book 'Going Rogue' in Grand Rapids, Michigan November 18, 2009. U.S. Republican Senator John McCain on Wednesday strongly defended the top advisers from his 2008 presidential campaign in the face of sharp criticism from his vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin. McCain, in a telephone interview with Reuters, singled out campaign manager Steve Schmidt and senior adviser Nicolle Wallace for praise after Palin blasted the pair in her memoir, "Going Rogue: An American Life."  REUTERS/Rebecca Cook (UNITED STATES POLITICS MEDIA)

palin trig arizona  palin trig birthday beach  sarah trig 5  sarah trig 6

sarah trig 11  sarah trig 12  sarah trig 9  sarah trig 14

trig force feed  trig march 2013  trig with sarah loooking at phone

palin thanksgiving trig  palin thanksgiving trig arm neckchocking

It seems obvious that Sarah only pretended to care about Trig.  Now she has quit even pretending.

31 thoughts on “Grandma Sarah Quits Being Trig’s Mother

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  1. I think Trig is Sarah’s child, though a super-inconvenient one at that. For a long time Sarah has chosen to post photos of herself with her younger children as a way of retaining her own youth. (Hard to stay ‘hot’ to those male voters she wooed.)
    However Sarah got “hoisted on her own petard”, as the expression goes. In insisting on ‘no abortion’ as a choice for others, she had to follow through likewise for herself. I contend that some of her pre-birth choices were intended to lose the baby so she wouldn’t have to follow through on motherhood with a child with significant disabilities.

    Trig was okay as ‘arm candy’ when he was small, but the lack of parenting and care he received (lack of glasses, hearing aids) are consistent with her so-called parenting of her previous kids. She shunted Trig off to Willow and Piper eariler so she could go out and shoot moose, stump for idiot TP candidates and woo money for her PAC.
    In short she’s the same lousy parent she ever was, this time more cruelly.

    The good news in these photos is that Trig has cousins to play with. Hopefully they aren’t just teaching him swear words, but they’re learning to interact with their DS cousin in a supportive manner. With luck, they will learn to show the compassion that their grandmother lacks.


    1. Except that sarah told everyone she got her tubes tied with Piper. She got out of her carpooling after having her tubes tied because she still “hurt” so much. No, people know the truth in alaska. Former republican senator, Lyda Green, knew that sarah wasn’t pregnant when asked. One doesn’t go from being flat bellied to 7 months pregnant in a day. lol


    2. BW no woman goes from flat in March to 9 months size in a few weeks. IMPOSSIBLE. So, when WAS TriG born then if he IS Sarah’s? Do you admit that she wore a fake belly to fit a timeline?? Cuase no way no how id her timeline possible in human gestation.


  2. Those last two photos of Sarah with Trig look like an MMA bout. Sarah is going for a KO with a choke hold on the carotid artery.

    Looks like Trig escaped and won the bout by tap out. Sarah quit motherhood on her special needs child.

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  3. Sorry, B.W., but it is a physical impossibility to go from a square pillow belly to seemingly nine months pregnant belly (even though she claimed variously to have had him at seven or eight months gestation) within a period of less than one month. Any uterus would have burst. There are pictures out there of her leaving some building with Toad in mid March of 2008. Her belly is virtually flat.
    Then, in August (!) of the same year, all of a sudden she publishes a picture of herself with a BIG belly, supposedly taken a few days before she gave birth.
    If you check out different sites, you can see that she is wearing one of those fake pregnancy bellies, which are available on the Internet for less than $100.
    Remember also, when she flew back from Texas on April 16, in ‘full labor’, with her water already broken (!), the flight attendants of Alaska Air stated that ‘the stage of her pregnancy was not determinable’.
    She did not get checked out in Texas in the big hospital that was actually less than a mile from the hotel she was staying, but instead decided to fly home, with her water leaking, and her being in labor with huge contractions (her words) when she was giving some speech there.
    She took TWO flights with a lay-over of several hours in Seattle, and then Toad drove her over snowy roads for over an hour to a tiny hospital in Palmer, even though that hospital was not equipped to handle a preemie birth and was not equipped to handle a DS birth. And even though she was supposedly in full labor, she ‘had to be induced’.


    1. And her doctor, Cathy Baldwin Johnson, was a FFP who specialized in abused children! who would never ever ever be allowed to induce a high risk pregnancy at an uncredentialed (to induce hr pregnancies) hospital.
      Those of us in medical nursing motherhood field laugh at this farce.


  4. She would have had an abortion if she could have done. I certainly believe she had one between Track and Bristol. She was just too watched, and it was too good a chance to present herself as “pro-life.” But her story about her “D&C” is so inconsistent with miscarriage/D&C, and so consistent with an elective abortion, that I find an abortion the only reasonable conclusion.

    By the time Bristol was pregnant with Trig, Sarah knew she was being looked at- as all Repug governors were- a potential VP candidate, so it was too good an opportunity to miss.

    I mean, it was just a kid. Why should she care?


  5. I still can’t get over his name; that is CRUEL!
    And Sarah’s account of the birth-there are too many details which make ZERO sense.
    No matter what, I feel bad for the kid. He was born into a very dysfunctional family!


  6. Malia,
    Wow, what a collection of pictures!
    Also, do you think Trump will pick Sarah as his VP as they are both such rude people?


  7. There was also a report that she had a twobull after Piper was born. Making the faked pregnancy even funnier.


    1. (D)on’t (G)et (M)ad: Here you are again sniffing Palin panties. Do they pay you to post your drivel? If you have a problem with the truth, maybe you are the one who needs help. BTW how is Track’s rehab going? Has Todd healed from his phantom snow machine accident? Is Bristol pregnant again? Can Bristol’s son Trig eat solid foods yet?


      1. G Rice,
        The amazing thing is that most of the post was pictures…which speak for themselves.


    2. again, militantly stupid people continue to defend the palins. lol or perhaps you are a palin. either way, militantly stupid.


    3. dgm Your one person army of Palin defenders accomplishes nothing. You are the one in need of psychiatric help. Describe the improvements that Sarah Palin and her brood of incompetent vandals have brought to Alaska.


    4. “Infatuation”…is that your word for paying enough attention to see how Sarah Palin exploited this innocent child and then kicked him to the curb once he wasn’t useful to her any longer?
      Is that your word for paying attention long enough to see how she denied this innocent child the early-intervention that could have made all the difference for his quality of life?
      Is that your word for highlighting the jaw-dropping hypocrisy and downright cruelty of the hand-picked standard-bearer of the GOP and “pro-life” movement?
      You people make me sick.


    5. Yeppers!
      I am infatuated with exposing the truth of the hoax AND protecting the US electorate from fraud. Sarah Palin is mentally ill and has no business being in “public service” ever ever ever.
      Yep! Call me infatuated 🙂


  8. Sarah had a tubal ligation after Piper. Trig was supposed to earn her street cred with the pro life crowd. She is a bad actor and has given up on being Trig’s mother and left him with his real mother Bristol. Ted Cruz should have picked her as his running mate for a balanced ticket, liar and liar.


  9. Back when “Sarah Palin Channel” was still alive, Sarah posted a video titled “Mom-in-Chief” that was supposed to show us what a great mother to Trig she is. It was a complete failure.

    The video is no longer available as “Sarah Palin Channel” went belly up after less than a year. However, several blogs commented on the video — here’s one:

    The video appears to have been shot in the Scottsdale, Arizona, house. I say that because I watched the video when it we released in mid-2015; video may have been made as much as one year earlier. After the Scottsdale house was listed for sale, I took the video tour of the house and noticed immediately the identical furniture, room layout, and the like.,-111.392785,33.427429,-112.285424_rect/10_zm/2_p/?3col=true

    In the video, Sarah attempts to read a book to Trig. He’s completely disinterested. Finally, she grabs him in a wrestling hold and forces his face into the book. Piper, meanwhile, sits on the edge of a sofa fiddling with her iPhone.

    Several times in the video Sarah or Piper are shown carrying Trigg. It’s clear they have him in a tight grip, arms and legs pinned, so he can’t squirm free.

    The video shifts to the kitchen where Sarah attempts to “feed” Trigg. He is seated on a stool at the kitchen island, watching a video on his iPad. He’s not at all interested in the food and clearly cannot feed himself. AFter a few attempts to put food in front of him, Sarah can be heard saying something like “We’ll just keep faking it, putting the vegetable in with the bananas. He doesn’t notice.”

    Throughout the video, it’s clear Trigg’s real interest is in getting back to his iPad, which is his near-constant companion with its kiddie videos constantly running. In fact, reports from Wasilla say the Palin household has at least two iPads around at all times — one that Trigg watches and a second one, plugged in, recharging, so they can instantly swap iPads when the battery runs down.

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    1. Old redneck,
      It’s so sad that Trig had to grow up with Sarah for his mother. It appears he is back with his real mother, who really seems to care about him!

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  10. Oh I wish poor Trig had been to any other family. I have no doubt the boy didn’t get even half of the therapy a child like him needs. $arah has only ever considered him a prop: “Look at how unselfish and pro-life I am, I gave birth to a child that will have physical and mental struggles all his life”

    Todd may be a bastard, but at least he pretends to care about Trig. Meanwhile, $arah only posts a picture with him once a year when somebody reminds her that it’s his birthday. And in every picture he wants to get away from her


    1. What a bunch of libtards! It is a known fact that quite frequently a Down’s Syndrome child is born to an older woman. Look it up! I have a close relative who has Down’s Syndrome and we all consider him a special blessing! They have so very much love to give!


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