Sarah Palin Identifies With Losers, Quitters, and Women Who Fall Down on the Job!

ted cruz canada salute

Ted Cruz was propelled into office by Sarah Palin.

palin and cruz

Thus, we knew from the start that Cruz was a loser, and probably a quitter who just hadn’t had a chance to quit.  Yesterday evening, Cruz announced he was quitting the race for President.  The question isn’t why, but instead, why now?

Cruz pretended it was his poor showing in Indiana.  Some speculate that there were other reasons.

Maybe he thought people wouldn’t believe the National Enquirer story about his five mistresses.

ted cruz national enquirer

Perhaps he really is an immigrant, and he was afraid he might lose his Senate seat if people continued to investigate his background.  It was just three days ago that his wife said he WAS an immigrant.

It was just a few days ago that the National Enquirer released the story and photograph showing Ted Cruz’s father with Lee Harvey Oswald.

cruz oswald


It was April 26th, that Cruz embarrassed himself by calling a basketball hoop a “ring.”  Some speculate that because Cruz is from Houston, and he has proved his ignorance of basketball, that is the reason for the decline of the Rockets.


Others speculate that it was the pick of Carly Fiorina that sounded the death knell for Ted Cruz.  Fiorina was chosen by Cruz just 7 days ago.  She may submit her candidacy for Vice President to the Guiness World Book of records as the shortest campaign ever.   Most think that Cruz chose Fiorina because she was a woman.  The problem is that just two days ago Fiorina fell off stage after introducing Cruz.  Cruz ignored the fact that his female Vice Presidential choice had dropped of stage as fast as Cruz was dropping in the polls.


Even Trump would have helped her!

Some Republicans say that Trump won’t win the nomination, even if he achieves the requisite number of delegates.  It  appears we are going to find out.


If Trump wins the nomination, the real question is what role will Sarah play?

palin trump rally

9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Identifies With Losers, Quitters, and Women Who Fall Down on the Job!

Add yours

  1. Cruz quit because of a DNA test. He was proven to be an alien from the planet pedophile in the wife beater galaxy or something like that. His wife was yelling so loud I may have gotten it wrong. But his wife had a black eye and he was holing a gray baby standing next to a young black lady. Who knows.

    I dusted off the “VP for Dummies” book we created the last time Sarah ran for vice president. Her plan looks solid to get vetted by trump to be nominated again. Todd is using the same Corvette he used for mcsenile.

    She is in there now naked waiting for trump to Vette her. This could be a tough sell with a bald wiggly corpse. If trump doesent vette her he may van Bristol in the van parked next to the vette.


      1. The vetting is taking an odd turn of events. She is negotiating a movie deal. It looks like she may be the star in Benjamin button part two. Probable the opening scenes.

        I am not sure trump wants to vette her. He saw her and is crying and puking. I think he may have soiled himself also. This election cycle is going to be tough


      2. painchipeater,
        Do you think that happened to Carly when she fell of the stage? Is that why Cruz didn’t want to help her up…she soiled herself?


  2. Awwwww. Too bad for Cruzz. Too bad for all hard-working white Americans. WTF were them Indiana Hosers thinking? Probably victims of Hillary mind control.

    I’m gonna miss the middle school food fights between Teddy and Donny. I’m gonna miss Cruzy’s narcissistic, sanctimonious, bible thumpin,’ gay bashin,’ immigrant hatin,’ commonsense conservatism. I’m gonna miss his twisted perversion of all things constitutional. But most of all I’m gonna miss his repulsive greasy aura and obnoxiously righteous tenor voice.

    He says he isn’t done, so are we ready for Government Shutdown 2.0? He still has some pipe bombs in his brief case, I’ll betcha.


  3. I’m going with might lose his Senate seat due to citizenship lawsuits. The GOP is sweating lost seats due to Trump’s caustic statements. They don’t need people snooping into Cruz’s Canadian background and his mother’s. There was a very loud silence coming from the mom of the Presidential candidate. Why was mom totally absent from Cruz world?


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