Judge Cummings Feels My Outrage at OIG!

The Office of Inspector General has twice filed motions with the Court asking for more time to file responses to my FOIA requests which were filed originally in January of 2014.  They are the subject of the suit that was filed over a year ago, in March of 2015.  By law the Government is required to produce responsive documents within 20 days.  At the end of February, after suit had been pending for almost one year, the Court Ordered the Federal Government to produce responsive documents.     After 58 of the 60 days had passed, the Office of Inspector General asked for two more years to respond.  The Judge denied that request.

judge cummings

By filing this motion for reconsideration, OIG was suggesting that the Judge was wrong, and would give them more time if he thought about it a little longer.  Surprise, not only did the Judge deny the motion, but suggested that if they file another motion they open themselves to sanctions.  Here is the Order entered today.  It seems He finds the request of OIG as offensive as I do.  Thank you Judge Cummings!

order of court 5-3 denying motion fo r reconsideration

9 thoughts on “Judge Cummings Feels My Outrage at OIG!

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  1. Malia, the ‘Culture of Corruption’ and ‘Culture of Cover-Up’ at Secret Service have become SOP. When a criminal enterprise like Beckett Brown International (BBI) can be launched from within the USSS Financial Crimes Division, it is no wonder that former Regional Supervisor/BBI mastermind Paul Rakowski has gotten away with planning, directing and conducting a slew of heinous racketeering and corporate espionage crimes – thus far. Hopefully, all that is about to change…


  2. Hooray for Judge Cummings! At last, someone is doing their job. Let me guess. The documents they “need” more time for include the ones regarding David Chaney’s involvement with Shailey Tripp. Have you received anything that sheds light on that subject?

    Now I have to wonder what options the judge has to make them comply with the order. Unless someone is put in jail for contempt, it seems that DHS will continue to drag this out as long for as they can, especially if the sanctions only entail fines.


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