DHS Documents Confirm Dangerous Behavior of Secret Service Agents

secret service badge

Pursuant to the Order of Judge Cummings in the FOIA Suit, several videos of Agents in the Colombia hotel were produced.  I previously posted 6 of these videos.  Here are more:



In addition to the fact that 11 Secret Service agents brought prostitutes back to their rooms, the documents reviewed thus far establish:

(1)  It wasn’t just the 11 Secret Service agents who brought prostitutes back to their hotel rooms.  There were 22 federal employees involved with prostitutes in May of 2012 in advance of the President’s visit to Colombia.  Eleven were members of the Secret Service, and 11 were members of the military.

(2)  Some of the Secret Service agents denied knowing that the women brought back to their rooms were prostitutes.  Others admitted that they knew they were prostitutes.  However for any agents to deny that they knew the women were prostitutes seems quite disingenuous.  As you watch the videos it is obvious that the women knew the routine upon entering the hotel.  They each approached the front desk and produced some type of ID that was left with the hotel.  They registered at the hotel, and the hotel charged each agent with an “overnight” fee for the prostitute.  Thus it seems that no man could watch this routine, and not realize that the woman with him was a prostitute.

Moreover, the DHS/Secret Service records include an interview of hotel employees who explained how they knew whether an “over-night” fee should be charged.  The hotel employee explained that they could tell simply based on the attire of the women, and the time of night they entered the hotel that they were prostitutes.

(3)  At least some of the “overnight fees” seem to have been charged to the rooms, which would indicate to me that tax payers paid for the agents to sleep with prostitutes.

(4)  At least three agents awoke to witness, or discovered that, the prostitute that had been brought back to their room was,or had, gone through their possessions.  At least three were missing money, or the prostitutes were looking for money.  If the agents had confidential information regarding the President’s trip to Colombia, the prostitutes could have easily accessed that information while the agents slept, or were passed out.


As I have a chance to review more records, I’ll update my report.

14 thoughts on “DHS Documents Confirm Dangerous Behavior of Secret Service Agents

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  1. I am happy you are getting to the bottom of all this corruption. Those evil prostituts are stealing from the American tax payers.

    These defenseless passed out service men need our help.


  2. Malia, the national security questions raised by this scandal are limitless!!! Congress and the media should be all over it to a much, much greater extent than has thus far occurred…


  3. Malia, be careful. We all admire your bravery but don’t put yourself in harm. It’s not worth it with these assholes. It’s very exciting stuff but don’t put yourself in any danger. That’s all I have to say about that.


  4. Malia, I hope you have this information in a safe place….and are keeping yourself safe. Thank you for all you do.


  5. They redacted the faces of the agents because? They should have zero career in the SS after they did this. They should be booted to the curb and disallowed from any government job.

    They redacted the faces of the KNOWN prostitutes because?

    I’d like to know if the judge is satisfied with what’s been produced.

    GREAT job Malia!


  6. Malia, do you know what happened to the blogger who went by the name of Bladecatz (sp?). She just dropped off the radar awhile ago.


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