Sarah Palin Was Pal’in Around With the Devil!

John Boehner, the former Republican Speaker of the House described Ted Cruz as “Lucifer in the Flesh.”



I think that is a fairly apt description of Ted Cruz.  However the person who made sure that Lucifer would win his race for the Senate was Sarah Palin.  Even Lucifer admitted that he would not be in the Senate, but for Sarah.


It seems that people who know Ted Cruz, hate him.  Even Sarah Palin has endorsed Trump, instead of Cruz.  You know you have reached rock bottom when even Sarah Palin will no longer endorse you.

palin cruz at rally  palin cruz born texas canada  palin cruz hug



ted cruz-drop dead nyted cruz national enquirer  ted cruz canada



5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Was Pal’in Around With the Devil!

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  1. High fives to John Boner! He’s a courageous, patriotic American! But why did he take so long to make his revelation? Boner must have known about all of this since early 2013. Has he been keeping secrets from the American people?

    Some say that Rafael Eduardo is the Antichrist. Are Lucifer and the Antichrist one in the same? I’m not a disciple of church lore, so I can’t say for sure. Others say he’s the resurfaced Zodiac Killer. Still others say he’s Joe McCarthy reincarnate. A vocal few even claim he’s just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill warlock. The jury may still be out, but “miserable sonofabitch” has broad spectrum application.

    Not all people actually hate Cruzy, but he is universally loathed and despised. On both sides of the aisle. Texas voters should be ashamed.


  2. I am ashamed that voters elected the fraud/devil on Palin’s recommendation! They should both be tarred and feathered!


  3. On a different note, I am enjoying Heidi Cruz’ freudian slip…

    She clearly states that “Ted IS an immigrant”


  4. >>>>>Breaking News<<<<<

    Thelma And Louise is said to have a sequel in the works – protagonists played by Sarah and Bristol – called…..

    "The Recalcitrant Half-Term Grandmothernor And Her Unchristian Sex Pig Daughter"

    remember the fun of the first film, with lines like:
    (Louise Sawyer:) "You shoot off a guy's head with his pants down, believe me, Texas ain't the place you want to get caught."


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