Never Before Seen Videos of Secret Service and Prostitutes in Colombia Produced by DHS!

For frequent readers of the blog, you know that I have been trying to get documents as a result of a FOIA requests that were filed starting in June of 2012.  After repeated attempts to avoid suit, I was forced to file suit on March 6, 2015 to force production of documents by DHS.  The suit was pending for almost one year when the Court ordered production of documents that were supposed to have been produced 20 days after receipt of the request by DHS.  On Thursday, three days before the documents were required to be produced, a motion for a 2 year continuance was filed.  The Court denied that Request.  On Tuesday documents and video tapes were finally produced, after waiting almost 4 years, waiting over  one year since suit was filed, and after I have incurred thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

It will take hundreds of hours to review all of the documents produced.  I have had an opportunity to review the video tapes provided of the agents and prostitutes in Colombia as they checked into the hotel.  Notice in these videos:

  1.  the sheer number of men accompanied by women that arrived at the hotel within one hour’s time.
  2. the similarity of dress of the women, wearing short skirts, short shorts, high heels, carrying large purses, and all had long hair.
  3. all the women knew the routine when arriving at the hotel, which was to give their id to the front desk clerk.
  4. none of the men with the women paid the front desk clerk for the “overnight fee” that the hotel charged to have a prostitute stay in the rooms of the Secret Service agents.








After watching these videos it is hard to understand how Mark Sullivan, before he resigned as Director of the Secret Service,  could deny that there was a “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service.

mark sullivan secret service


41 thoughts on “Never Before Seen Videos of Secret Service and Prostitutes in Colombia Produced by DHS!

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  1. lol Malia.
    Those are just young prim school girls who got lost and the kind gentlemen are going to call their parents for them!

    Thanks for your tenacity!! Can’t wait to read what is in the docs!

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  2. OH. My. Gawd.

    So righteous the Judge ruled in your favor Malia!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. And thanks for the time, continued effort and money you have put into this.

    Can’t wait for the other shoe to drop. Here’s to good reading.

    YOU ROCK!!!

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  3. Former USSS Director Mark Sullivan committed perjury and obstruction of justice by denying there was a ‘Culture of Corruption’ within the Secret Service. Current Director Joe Clancy now needs to admit to this massive – and dangerous – scandal or immediately resign!!! This is only the very, very tip of a whole lot more about U.S. Secret Service. Just google ‘Beckett Brown International’ to see a criminal enterprise formed inside the USSS Financial Crimes Division by then-Regional Supervisor Paul Rakowski…

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  4. It’s not unlike the culture of the Los Angeles Lakers, as evidenced by their year-long retirement parade of idolatry for the adulterer known as Kobe Bryant.


      1. and hillary won’t release her transcripts. This morning on MSNBC, that came up….I think it will be hilarious when sanders releases his taxes while allowing the hillary supporters conjure up the $10 million donation from the NRA. lol He will release but will Hilllary release? Nope, she never will, never has released things that could prove a problem. She refused to release 6 yrs of tax returns a few years ago and got away with it… your factchecking mommom. lol
        On the other hand, Malia, President Obama has been the most uncoorperative president for transparency and for punishing whistleblowers. That has disappointed me greatly. I voted for him twice and have defended him adamantly against obama haters.


      2. Sals, no other candidate has been pushed to release transcripts of speeches given while a private citizen. So, why should Hillary? The Clintons have released 30 years worth of tax returns, to Bernie’s one partial.


  5. Did they produce all you requested/the court demanded?

    It makes no sense that the identities are redacted. The agents are obviously with prostitutes, and that is against the policy of the agency.

    Need to get these out to the media, as long as they pay your attorney fees.

    Anything on the Toad and Shailey?

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    1. pvaz,
      They know each other and look out for each other! Imagine a Secret Service agent who said he didn’t know they were prostitutes!


  6. WOW! Way to go, Malia! Sounds like they finally came through – at least partially! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    I guess, you will be a quite busy lady for the next few days… 😉

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  7. After reading your post for the third or fourth time Malia, I am more and more appalled at how the DHS thought they could just dismiss your request, hoping you would give up in pure frustration. So glad your case ended up Judge Cummings’ hands. I really admire your tenacity. You hit it out of the park woman!

    Sending you a HIGH FIVE!

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      1. Love and thanks to you Malia for your incredible ( ongoing ) work!

        Tweet all this stuff out, folks. These videos alone have never made their way to the MSM and Malia is sitting on a treasure trove of goodies yet to come!

        PS and O/T: Hugs to MALOE and if she’d like to comment again, would love to hear her thoughts on Politicalgates reporting that Jordan, Track’s poor abused girlfriend, is pregnant.


      2. Wondering,
        I will keep you posted as I go through the documents.

        Please keep usposted on any other Palin baby!


  8. Wow! I almost can’t believe it. You must have been in shock when you actually received something. Amazing how they could go from needing two more years, to having it ready in a couple of days.

    Do you know yet if they produced all the documents requested, or are you still sorting that out? I know it will be a huge job to go through everything, but certainly more rewarding than all the work you’ve done so far. Congrats again, and thank you!!


    1. junasie14,
      Based on what I have seen so far, I think there is a lot they haven’t produced. Perhaps there are additional records that I haven’t seen yet, but I’d be surprised if they produced everything. I still haven’t seen the first part of David Chaney’s statement that was redacted with no explanation as to the reason or justification for the redaction. I’ll keep you posted!


      1. Selective omissions on their part would not surprise me one bit. That will point to where the most incriminating information is. If they left stuff out with no explanation, presumably that means they did not comply with the court order. That should not sit will with this judge.


    1. davep,
      It is amazing to me that any Secret Service person could suggest they didn’t know these were prostitutes. Imagine people trained to spot terrorists and they can’t spot a prostitute.


    1. WakeUPAmerica,
      Thanks for your support. Pleasebe patient with me as I report on these documents. There are thousands, so it will take me while to review all of them.


  9. malia,

    just forwarded the link to this thread to rachel maddow and robert costa. while they have never responded to any of my emails, they may like or notice this one.



    1. dave,
      They don’t respond to mine either, but it seems likely that they are more likely to pay attention if you or a reader tells them than if I do. Thanks!


  10. First of all, congratulations on your momentous achievement, Malia!
    I just sat here and said “Wow!” until I could find some words to convey my admiration and gratitude for your tenacity.
    I know it is speculative at this point, but I feel a great book and movie coming.
    Thank god for you.


  11. Are there any videos that don’t have the faces obscured? If Hillary gets elected things are going to get worse when filing FOIAs and with surveillance. Janet Napolitano’s office at UC Cali has been on my blog a lot including just before president Obama came to Anchorage, there are clusters of security agencies, hits from certain cities, security contractors and then her office. The Capital Police were looking at goofy posts about Sarah Palin just before Obama came, then Napolitano’s office. It was weird. Every morning I drank coffee and got on WIFI at the same coffee place and sat at the same table next to a window with a view of the hotel they all stayed at. I had no idea they were even having an arctic conference until I read about it. Before I knew someone spelled my name behind me, I assumed into a cell phone. I saw HLS vehicles there but thought they were just getting coffee, no they were doing surveillance on me. There were three of them following me around. I would show up at the usual places I went and one would be just sitting, not doing a thing and clearly expecting me, the library, the laundromat, coffee shops, even the homeless shelter, smiling and sort of cracking up at my looking puzzled. They smiled at me and wanted me to know they were following me. Why? I gave them nicknames. I did not react and I believe their goal was to cause me to get really angry and cause a scene, so I acted like I did not notice except for the puzzled looks. One clearly wanted to see into my suitcase at the laundromat, having nothing to hide I unzipped it so he could easily see and he thought he was being sneaky but was so obvious. Are they really that inept or was that just harassment? I have a list of possible reasons, but not really sure why this happened. I went to a hotel for a week while they had the conference afraid they would arrest me for drinking coffee and one of them showed up. It must have been so exciting for him, I called him Mr. Zombie, she took a shower, she got some coffee, she went across the street to the store, she walked to the library. She was on the WIFI, she went and got some tea. She was reading left wing material and even wrote some left wing material herself. I got a picture of one from far away because I thought something might happen to me if I took pictures of them. It freaked me out so bad that along with the other issues I left Alaska and hoped I could file some FOIA requests to find out what the hell was going on. I brought my three civil cases I had been working on ended up homeless and the staff threw everything in my suitcase away that they did not want to donate. What a country we have, I was devastated. Was the goal to run me out of Alaska, others had certainly tried for years. The summer before this my SSDI was mysteriously reviewed and lots of other things went on. Janet Napolitiano is a Democrat who has thought of running for president and is working for Hillary along with another woman in Cali, who was also a governor in another state, Jennifer Granholm. Both are expected to receive high level appointments if HRC is elected. Napolitano is doing surveillance of email etc at UC. I think this country will get a lot worse in the area of surveillance if HRC gets into power. While this was going on I went across the street from the coffee shop to the mayor’s office to ask if SS was in the city yet, they had not seen them. They had no idea why HLS would be following me. I assume they were HLS because of the vehicles that said HLS police, but not 100% sure. If they wanted to check me out due to my being close to the hotel every day all they had to do was ask, they could have looked at anything I had with me as long as they put on clean gloves which all LEO types have in their vehicles. When Bernie came where I am there was no surveillance, but I recognized one SS agent. The Alaska Dispatch is owned by Alice Rogoff who is a Washington insider married to a billionaire who owns the Carlyle group, they are investing in Arctic shipping. Obama disrespected the Alaska Natives during his visit and had dinner at her house instead of attending this big conf. they put on for him. They have been friends for a long time, but the other guest at the dinner party were not revealed. I was saying at the time, “What do they think I might do write something? Or may yell some harsh words?” So unless we can get Bernie Sanders elected I have great fears for this country.


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