Donald Trump ‘s Stupidity Compared to Sarah Palin’s

When it comes to foreign policy, it seems the Donald is as clueless as Sarah Palin.

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“The one thing that was missing from Trump’s foreign policy speech was an actual foreign policy. Donald Trump didn’t detail a single foreign policy proposal…”

“The Trump speech was full of contradictions. The Republican frontrunner criticized the wars in the Middle East but moments latest suggested that military force will be used against radical Islam. Trump claimed that there were dozens of hidden cases of terrorists being arrested in the United States.”

“Trump said that he has a plan for ISIS, but it is a secret.”

“Donald Trump is trying bluff his way to the White House. America has not seen a candidate this unqualified to be on the ticket since Sarah Palin in 2008. Trump knows nothing, but he is trying to trick voters into believing that he can be trusted with the powers of the Commander In Chief. Trump’s speech was a bad SNL sketch that went on for too long, but unfortunately, Donald Trump is real, and this human cartoon wants to be your next president.”

It’s like Sarah Palin not knowing even what name to ascribe to a foreign intervention.




9 thoughts on “Donald Trump ‘s Stupidity Compared to Sarah Palin’s

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  1. Trump’s a genius. He’s worth $10B, more or less. He tells it like it is — unfiltered, untreated, and toxic. No political correctness. He’s a man of the people. White racist phobic people, that is. They’re attracted to The Donald like rats to an open dumpster. Or flies to shit. It doesn’t matter what he says or doesn’t say.

    He’ll provide the details right after he hits 1237. In general terms, his foreign policy will focus on the sound principle of reducing the US nuclear arsenal. All you need is the will. The sign of a strong leader. A very strong leader.

    Carpet bombing (like Lyin’ Ted wants) would be a pathetic showing of wussified weakness. Sad. Disgusting. A disaster. A total disaster. An embarrassment. What a loser. Not a winner. Who would vote for someone with a face like that? What a pig. A dummy. A slob. A TRUS.


  2. Malia, I submitted a comment on your 04/24/16 “The Palin Paradox” post. I hope it gets read. It’s not about a penis in a women’s restroom, this isn’t third grade humor.
    A transgender is someone who has become that new gender, not simply put on a dress and heels (or pantsuit) for the evening.

    The whole NC thing comes down to people denying transsexuals the RIGHT to exist as their new gender.


    1. Jason,
      If there was a comment from 4-24 that didn’t get posted, I am sorry!Sometimes comments don’t make it to me???


  3. Malia – Trump is as scary and disturbing as Palin was in 2008. Both are ignorant and it is clear after Trump’s speech that he knows nothing, just like Sarah. And, now just a few months ahead of the GOP convention, Cruz announced his running mate is Carly Fiorina. Very interesting – did the 1/2 million Cruz’ PAC gave to Fiorina’s PAC in 2015 have anything to do with selecting her? Fiorina is anti-woman, anti-children, anti-healthcare, anti-choice, and is a bigger LIAR than Sarah Palin (if that’s even possible)!


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