Who Will Hillary Pick as Her VP?

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It seems inevitable that Hillary will earn the Democratic nomination.  The only remaining question is who will she pick as VP?  Hillary and her staff have made sure that we know there will be a woman on the list.  However we can be sure that she won’t pick a woman.  It would have been disastrous for Barack Obama to have chosen a Black man as his VP, even though that person might have been a better President than Obama himself.

colin powell

Hillary and Bill are strategic, and the choice of Vice President should be the result of careful thought, and an effort to round out the ticket.  If Hillary were smart she pick a man from a conservative state, with a reputation for honesty.  Here is an analysis of possible choices.

8 thoughts on “Who Will Hillary Pick as Her VP?

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  1. Malia, I saw that about Hillary and her 13 minutes of lying. We also know that this campaign has been corrupt and blacking out the only hope we have in Bernie Sanders. To me, voting for Hillary is voting for an oligarch, another corrupt republican. I will vote Bernie, I do believe him to be the most honest politician we have. He has taken on Netanyahu and his corruption with regards to Palestine, not that the corrupt parts of Palestine haven’t been evident but he is fair and not afraid to speak up saying we will never find peace between them until we treat both equally and with respect. My degrees are in behavior….and I have found in my mind that Hillary is a sociopath. She has embraced the corruption and it was never hard for her. She has never turned over any paperwork since white water. I can’t understand how she and Bill have gotten away with it. Of course, Abby Martin hits on why she finally conceded the nomination to barack Obama with a deal on a high cabinet in his office and a clear pathway to the presidency after him. As I said, if she wins, I have been talking with my adult kids about moving to another country, a social democracy. I mean to send you this one with Abby Martin: http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=16150


    1. sals,
      My problem is that Bernie is such a socialist, that I don’t think he would be good either. Why can’t we find anhonest person that is socially liberal and fiscally conservative? It doesn’t seem that it should be that hard.?


  2. I think she should go with Julian Castro. He would be a great choice in my opinion. I do think she will be the nominee. I do like Bernie, but it sure looks like he won’t get it. I would never vote for Cruz or Trump.


    1. I too would like to see Hillary choose a young, talented Hispanic to bring the youth vote and minority vote into her circle of influence — and offer a V.P. who represents the changing face of America and perspective we haven’t had so far in D.C.

      We have to embrace the inevitability of change or implode as a nation. We’re overdue for a woman president now as much as we ere overdue for a black president. Hillary has highly relevant experience — the gravitas the GOTP can’t hope to match — that we need in the White House.

      ‘sals’ rebuke of Clinton is pretty nasty, which is not the way to best argue for Bernie. I don’t think Hillary is “the perfect candidate”, but will argue there is no “perfect candidate”, so let’s go with experience and a career of commitment to women, families, the poor and a solid knowledge of foreign policy. Bernie will cause Hillary to accommodate a lot of his cause in her platform so we will all win from her candidacy.


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