Sarah Palin Blames Obama For Death of Blind Elephant!

dead elephant

Mae Perm lived in Thailand and died of old age.  She wasn’t blind.  That was her friend, Jokia.  President Obama lived in Indonesia, not Thailand.  However there are elephants who live in Indonesia.  Thus Sarah Palin might have blamed President Obama for the timely death of Mae Perm.

palin blames obama

Sarah blamed Obama for the firing of ESPN’s Curt Shilling.  Obama was involved with that decision to the same extent as he was involved in the death of poor MaePerm.

The lesson is clear.  Palin blames Obama for things that had nothing to do with Obama.  For example, she might also blame Obama for:

  1.  The Death of Prince.  Prince, like Obama, is at least part African American.


2.  Birth of an hermaphrodite cat.  It’s name is “Belini,” which sounds like Barack.

3.  Exclusion of blacks from the larva eating contest.  Obama is black and he doesn’t eat larva.

4.  People eating animal food.  Obama ate dog.

5.  People doing stupid things.  They would never have done such stupid things if they could not have gotten free medical care.

6.  People who failed the ice bucket challenge.  Obama puts ice in his drinks.

7. These golf disasters.  Obama likes to play golf.


4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Blames Obama For Death of Blind Elephant!

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  1. Did Track kill himself today?
    Did Track kill anyone else today?
    How many guys did Bristol screw today?
    Did Willow cut any hair today, rather than just Say she cuts hair?
    What newspapers did Sarah read this morning?
    What newspapers has Sarah read since September 1, 2008?


  2. Damn, you have become completely unhinged. You, Gryphen and SPHASH need to get together and form a support group. When you’re to the point of making shit up and doing nothing but cut and paste, it’s time to call it quits. You reached that point a long time ago.


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