Sarah Palin, the Queen of Stupid!

palin paintchipeater

How many times have we watched Sarah Palin jump to condemn President Obama?  How many times have we watched as Palin interjected herself into a controversy where she didn’t belong?  I’ve lost tract of the multitude of stupid things Palin has said and done.

Today there are stories of Sarah interjecting herself into the controversy surrounding the 14 year old clock maker from Irving Texas.

14 yearold bomb irving

It was reported by Breitbart and the N.Y. Daily News that Sarah had posted on Facebook a sarcastic remark about the controversy.  It was reported that she wrote:

“Talk about the dangers of a reactionary-slash-biased media! The first reports on this potential bomb-imitator were so fishy to begin with,” Palin said. “Friends, consider the kids disciplined and/or kicked out of school for bringing squirt guns to school or taking bites out of a pop tart until it resembled (to some politically correct yahoo) a gun. Or the student out deer hunting with his dad early one morning who forgot he had a box of ammo in his truck when he parked in the school’s lot later that day. Kids humiliated and intimidated for innocent actions like those real examples are often marked the rest of their lives and made to feel really rotten. Whereas Ahmed Muhammad, an evidently obstinate-answering student bringing in a homemade “clock” that obviously could be seen by conscientious teachers as a dangerous wired-up bomb-looking contraption (teachers who are told “if you see something, say something!”) gets invited to the White House.”

“By the way, President Obama’s practice of jumping in cases prematurely to interject himself as the cool savior, wanting so badly to attach himself to the issue-of-the-day, got old years ago,” Palin said. ” Remember him accusing police officers doing their job as “acting stupid”; claiming if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin; claiming he needed to know who was a fault in an industrial accident so he’d “know who’s a** to kick”; etc., etc. Those actions are about as presidential as his selfie stick.”

“Yep, believing that’s a clock in a school pencil box is like believing Barack Obama is ruling over the most transparent administration in history,” Palin added. “Right. That’s a clock, and I’m the Queen of England.”


Sarah confuses a pencil box with a clock.

palin facebook pencil


She confuses her children, that didn’t finish high school, with a 14 year old child that is already smarter than all of her children put together.  In the picture of her idea of a pencil box in her kids’ school bags, it is obvious that the pencil box is brand new.  Those pencils were never used.  Track’s bag is featured with a girls bag that Track obviously never used.  As if under the influence of drugs, Palin condemns Obama’s lack of transparency, while the most compelling example of the lack of transparency relates to the documents requested years ago that related to Todd’s involvement as a pimp of Shailey Tripp.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

Remember when Sarah explained that having gun-free zones in schools was “stupid on steroids.”  Thus in the warped mind of Sarah Palin, its perfectly acceptable to bring guns into schools, but it is not acceptable for a 14 year old boy to bring an invention to school to show his teacher.  If Sarah Palin had her way we would have more guns in school, and fewer students capable of inventing things.  We would have more weapons and fewer clocks.  We would have more deadly firearms and fewer science projects.  We would reward violent behavior in our students, and handcuff and arrest students who invent things.

ahmed handcuffed

Imagine a country where the President, and a member of his cabinet, were openly racist.

clean clock

queen of stupid

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  1. Blogging is one thing. But insulting good kids who are independent, finished school, and have jobs is another. Please have more class Malia. These errant attacks from you must stop. It just makes you look juvenile. Not sure why there are liberals who feel a need to alter people’s lives to fit an agenda.


    1. Your description of the Palins children does nother bear any resemblance to the reality. No matter how many times you say it, no matter how many screen names you cook up, you are still full of crap.


    2. Alicia Delain Mangelsdorf are you referring to your parents who are liberals? Which kids are you describing, because none of Sarah Palin’s kids completed High School with their respective classmates. Sarah bought them GED Certificates, because none of them could understand and pass a test. Track is a drug addict with no job, Bristol has a fake job where she hangs out with her mentor Marina exotixx_llc while pregnant with an unknown man’s/boy’s child, and who knows what drunken binge Willow is on? Go away with your lies about the Palins, YOU don’t know any of them, nor have YOU ever met any of them.
      If your parents ever finance a trip to Alaska for you, don’t forget the terms of the Restraining Order.


    3. Your wording “Errant attacks” implies there is nothing to aim at, but since Palin trots her kids into the spotlight, glorifying their GEDs and ugly talk directed at minorities and gays, there is nothing “errant” about taking on the Palin clan who revel in their ignorance. Not one Palin does homework on issues, but they do wade into topics where their ignorance shins. They lead with their belligerence and various victims in the sights of their guns, typically Obama and all liberals. Tell Bristol that if she doesn’t want to be attacked, she should stop writing her blog of hate.

      If Palin didn’t want her kids involved in media, she could have done better parenting to avoid that. However, since when has she missed a chance to market her family for $$$?


    4. Shut the hell up, Alicia. Both Sarah and “Bristol” thought it was fine, even necessary, for that kid to be handcuffed and hauled down to the police station for building a clock.

      Congratulations for supporting racism, jingoism, and down right stupidity.


    5. Independent? Please tell us how Bristol lived the way she did, buying a home that cost what hers did despite having zero income in 2011, 2012, & 2013 as she informed the Alaska courts in 2014? She didn’t make enough money in the previous years to allow her to buy a home, renovate it, buy new cars on a whim along with her penchant for expensive handbags and clothing, not to mention all the travelling she did during that time? If you were to add all the money she made, FAR more than she was worth, subtract the taxes and cost of living and it all means that someone else was subsidizing her source of income, whatever it was.

      I have to laugh when I see Palin criticize other children who have imaginations, who strive to do something with their lives and want to stand out in a positive manner. This is the woman, who as Governor, once described her kids by saying, “They’re such overachievers in everything they do, that I couldn’t keep up with them if I tried.” I don’t know whose freaking kids she was talking about but it certainly wasn’t her own. Overachievers? Funny how she never attempted to use that label after the real reason Track went into the military became publicly known, along with Bristol’s pregnancy and Willow’s desire to party. What’s worse is the fact that Sarah wasn’t happy enough or proud enough of her children the way they were, she had to try to make them into something more, but all for her sake, not for theirs. What a poor excuse for a mother she is! Trig would be in much better shape if given the proper therapy and attention from day one.

      I also want to know why Willow had to work prior to going to “hair school” and save money for the same when Palin claimed she took their annual checks from the APF and saved them for her kids’ college funds?! Did she, perhaps, lie about it, again? Of course she did, it’s all she knows how to do. It’s why she called her kids overachievers, why she lied about Track’s military service and stated he saw combat when he didn’t, it’s why she pushed Bristol to lie and insinuate she was raped in her autobiography despite the fact that her own grandson and Bristol’s child would read this story someday and demand to know the truth. Did they ever stop and imagine the horror that Tripp will feel when he first reads those words about his father? They are a despicable family with no thought of anyone else, no concern about who they hurt. I hope Sarah is tortured for the rest of her days on earth for all the misery she’s caused, especially to the child she refers to as her son, the child whose name is Trig. He should be with a family who loves him and cares for him 24/7. The fact that others in the family may treat him well doesn’t make up for the fact that they let his alleged mother get away with the shit she did, not making arrangements from day one for daily therapy that would have him eat, speaking and seeing properly at this age as other normal children with Down Syndrome do. What a truly heartless person Sarah Palin is!


    6. I can almost see you shaking your finger at us and stomping your foot! I love it when Malia gets under your skin. Poor widdle troll! Thinking IS fun; you should try it some time.

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  2. Ahmed Muhammad was invited to tour the MIT campus, also too. Why didn’t Sarah bash those elite liberal scientists and engineers while she was at it? A missed opportunity.

    Would this have happened if Ahmad was a white Christian with a bible in his pencil box? The school wasn’t evacuated and the bomb squad wasn’t called. Ahmad was arrested even after the officer was 100% sure the clock wasn’t a bomb. All Muslims are godless terrorists. Be safe and err on the side of bigotry.

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  3. The only one we know of that terrorized a school is her son Track, breaking into the school bus depot and cutting brake lines and breaking windows.

    Maybe President Obama should have invited the Candies spokesperson for abstinence only in 2010 who already had one kid and looked like this:

    That would have been a laugh.

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  4. Malia,
    It is so obvious that she is trying to make her kids look good. BRISTOL was named a heavily intoxicated SUSPECT in the POLICE REPORT in the Alaskan violent and drunken party brawl which she started herself!! Bristol was violent and drunk and so was TRACK. Scarah’s adult kids are drunken uneducated violent bums who have had the POLICE called on THEM. End of story.


    1. Bristol get off with no police action at all after punching a guy in the face a bunch of times and neglecting her son. This kid does something worthwhile and enterprising and gets arrested for it. There’s something seriously wrong about the whole thing.


  5. Malia – This loon had to wait a few days before she posted a comment to her Facebook. She spent those few days looking around her house for something resembling a pencil box so she could post a photo to her Facebook, claiming her photo was what REAL pencil boxes look like. Give me a break! If Sarah wants us to believe her then she needs to do better than that photo. No way in hell did Track carry that makeup bag with his name on it as a pencil box. If Sarah actually participated in purchasing school supplies for her children, she would know pencil boxes come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and styles. Some look like mini-brief cases, some look like fishing tackle boxes, some look like sewing baskets, while others look like a box. But, none of them look as cheap, dirty, or haphazardly thrown together as the ones in the photo Sarah posted on her Facebook.


  6. She’s in denial as usual and probably jealous that Ahmed is smarter than her retarded kids except Trig. Thank God we dodged the bullet seven years ago, otherwise those Palin kids along with Sarah and Todd would bring their trailer trash behavior to the White House and turn it into a brothel or a Jerry Springer show when they get drunk or high.

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  7. This clock incident opened a huge can of stupid, starting with the folks in Texas. God forbid someone opens the case on a desktop or laptop. The idiots will be dismantling all of the computers and servers, thinking they are bombs. Here’s something the Irving School officials and police department missed.

    Look in the pencil case. What are the wires going to detonate? Not a damn thing!!!! What a bunch of dumb F**ks! Terrorists must be going nuts. Why waste money on explosives? They can scare the crap out of stupid educators and law enforcement personnel by discarding old electronics devices in our cities.
    Late news bulletin: Irving Texas police have called in the National Guard to deal with large metal boxes full of wires at intersections with traffic lights.


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