A Picture of Bristol Pregnant is Worth a Thousand Words

bristol and levi rnc

(Aug 2008)

bristol 2007 bristol pregnant again jlo


bristol oct 10, 2010

(October 2010)

bristol haiti

(December 2010)

bristol pregnant on DWTS

For years we have dissected the story told by Sarah Palin regarding the birth of Trig.  Probably the most compelling evidence that she wasn’t pregnant was the photos depicting her days before she allegedly gave birth.

palin pregnant

Now that the focus is Bristol’s latest pregnancy, it is important to compare photos again.

Here is a picture taken from the RNC at the end of August of 2008, when Bristol was purportedly 5 months pregnant.

bristol 2008

Here is the latest post from Bristol’s blog declaring that she is 6 months pregnant.

bristol starting 6th month

Certainly Bristol looked more pregnant in 2008, when she was supposedly 5 months pregnant, than in this picture in which Bristol reportedly is 6 months pregnant.

Note that Bristol explains that she is 6 months  pregnant in the picture posted, but she noticeably doesn’t disclose when that picture was taken.  Also notice the bright sunshine, and her lack of a coat or jacket.  Compare it to what other people we wearing in Alaska on the same day.

obama in alaska on sept 1

Pictures don’t lie.  People were wearing coats and jackets.  The high temp was 61 degrees and the low was 42. Where was Bristol’s coat?  Why wasn’t Bristol at work in the middle of the day on a Tuesday?  Was Dr. Jack-me-off’s office closed?




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  1. Didn’t she post a picturee of herself supposedly 5 months pregnant sometime in June? If she really was 5 months along in June, then by the end of August, she should have been SEVEN months pregnant, not six as she now claims. A multi-para (mother who has been pregnant more than once – and Bri$$y most definitely has been multiple time pregnant!) will not SHRINK from pregnancy to pregnancy. Not even if she would be a super- athletic woman, because the kigaments in the belly get stretched each time a bit more!
    (BTW, Malia, the latest picture of her in that field was posted some time last week or weekend, not yesterday.)i still wonder, if she *really* is pregnant, or if she is just pregnant in her mind (phantom pregnancy) – or not even that. Because the ONLY person ever talking about her being pregnant is she herself. Neither her mother, nor either one of her sisters or her BFF, or any of her cousins have ever even mentioned this in any of the comments anywhere! Makes at least *me* go ‘HMMMM…’!)


  2. Can you imagine living in a family so full of lies? One of them has got to slip up one day. I am sure this is at least baby 4 for Bristol. It must be hard to live in lies, but I guess they have had lots of practice with Sarah P for a mother.


    1. This is a family of secrets and lies. It must be very stressful for the children and turned them into little cynics from a young age. Piper was the only one in that family who really thought Sarah was pregnant with Trig and they older siblings probably make fun of her for it (behind her back…hopefully they haven’t thrown it into her face). They all know their mother is a liar and a fraud, especially when she’s talking about her religious faith (but they don’t go to church) and her outdoorsiness (but she doesn’t hunt or fish) or her love for her children and family (when she only sees them as an extension of herself and largely ignores them when there isn’t a camera or a computer connected to Facebook).


  3. We should do these kids a favor and send them each a copy of John Bradshaw’s book “Family Secrets.” It deals with the emotional trauma of growing up with a distorted reality, created by the lies the parents tell.


    1. I wonder if they could read it, let alone comprehend what it says? This is all they have ever known so may not believe a word of it. They really do think they are normal.


  4. Malia,
    Can you believe that they are still hiding who the father of her baby is? This is so weird. Meanwhile they post pictures of themselves every day and tell us what is going on in their life every day. Why is this such a giant secret?


    1. Zora,
      Rumor was that the father might be African-American. I think they are just waiting to see how obvious it is that this child is bi-racial. If the child were Caucasian I think they’d act like it was Dakota’s but if it is biracial it would make them look bad to claim it is his.


    2. I think it’s possible that they don’t know who the baby daddy is. Brissy may have an idea that it is one of two or three guys, but it she can’t narrow it down to one, she really can’t say anything.


      1. noname,
        …andif she doesn’t know she probably doesn’t want to have DNA testing, for fear that she’d be wrong the first time.


  5. I think she got pregnant in Jan and this would be month 9. I lol at everyone poring over her photos and extrapolating “data” when they could be from WHENEVER!
    There is no way to get xdata or if there is I don’t know. I think PissyBrissie was pregnant when MOH proposed to her.
    Duh is not that bright but in the army they do teach them how to count and warn them about women like her.
    The wife thing was a “smokescreen” and way to make brissie look like the injured party when in fact it was MOH. Sarah certainly wasn’t in on it (for a change) b/c she hired all the catering and DJ and all the stuff for the wedding that turned into “Celebration of Life BBQ” (but we’re not supposed to BBQ on Memorial day) doncha know…!!!
    I do think if MOH was indeed the sperm donor he would step up. Rumor is another AKAftaDark baby… and it is also a rumor that Britta’s girl has kinky hair and a toddler when Brissy was on DWTS the SECOND time… (when she gave the middle finger to all of ‘merica?) Willow was there to babysit the “godchild”, a pic reveals that kid possibility Bi-racial as this fetus is rumored to be.
    Bristol is her mom’s child all the way down to “when you have black you don’t go back” to fudging preg dates and trying to cuckold men into being the father like a cuckoo bird does….!!! JMO from what I’ve read…and heard, and seen the pic of the “godchild” in LA. Thought it may have been a Massy kid but AKaftadark is more Brissy’s SPEED if y’all get my drift.


    1. OT: Wonkette is rilly mad at Sarah and Bristol! http://bit.ly/1NP9Ajy “FUCKING HELL, this is getting ridiculous. Monday, we reported how Barack Obama went behind the backs of Jesus, the Statue of Liberty, Allah and Ohio Republicans by designating the tallest mountain in North America, located in Alaska, as “Denali,” a name it has ALWAYS HAD.” funny and true. Grow up Ohio! And GOP!


  6. What is missing in the field photo is $carah mowing, with Trig on her back!!Remember her claiming to do that when the author was “peeping into Piper’s room”? Also too, tending to her vegetable garden. What an imagination this woman has, and has passed on to her family.


    1. I remember her claiming she was taking Trig for a “lawnmowing adventure.” Poor Trig, it would have been so much more adventurous for him if she had just taken him outside to play on the lawn. Being strapped into a backback (when all safety advice is to keep kids indoors during mowing since the the mower can kick up rocks and things) is hardly an “adventure.”


  7. Matchmaking for Bristol —Sarah’s dream list may include:

    Josh Duggar
    Has heavy media attention
    Shares Palin family values
    Proven baby daddy

    Scott Disick
    Brings Palin family a joint venture with The Kardashians
    Proven baby daddy
    Likes to party and brawl as does the Palin clan


  8. Palin family photo, 2007.


    Bristol Palin November, 2008.


    Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin Sept. 26, 2010.


    Bristol Palin Sept. 27, 2010.


    Bristol Palin Oct. 8, 2010.


    Bristol Palin Nov. 10, 2010.


    Was that pregnancy supposed to be a secret, or a disappointment? Why was there no announcement for that pregnancy? Which Trial Daddy did Bristol blame for that one? Did Track and Britta take custody of that baby for SarahPac money? Now Bristol is claiming that she is pregnant for only her 2nd pregnancy? She is a Liar.


  9. If you look back to the picture of John McCain meeting the Palin family on the tarmac before the convention, with Levi in tow, you will see a very different Bristol than as shown in the evening at the convention…thin, in a pencil skirt, a blue satin blouse catching the breeze and a khaki short jacket…so what was with the bolster boobs at the convention???

    Is Tristan the DWTS baby?


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