Palin, the Donald, and the Confederate Flag are Each Offensive

palin ugly

donald trump two

south carolina capital confederate flag

David Brooks makes the observation that there is a dramatic split within the Republican party. The Republican’s comments regarding Trump’s comments on Mexicans have been very slow and cautious in coming.

The interesting observation he makes is that the “Sarah Palin game” is a way to get media attention even though it might be the result of hostility. Publicity results from outrageous, and at times, offensive behavior. Palin, Trump, and the presence of the Confederate Flag each generate media attention because they are offensive.

palin neck

Remember what the Donald said about Hillary when he wasn’t running against her.

Stephen Colbert reports on the real front runner in the 2016 election.

4 thoughts on “Palin, the Donald, and the Confederate Flag are Each Offensive

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  1. Brooks’ analogy is right-on regarding Trump and Palin — and he will suffer the same results. Regrettably Trump with his billions will stir up the Right-wing Fringe and be the Sarah Palin of 2008. However he can’t win the mainstream who see Trump for what he is: a rich narcissist without a leg to stand on in terms of leadership of a world leader. He will fall as she will fall, but he will garner undue media attention and prolong his 15 minutes of infamy.

    As for Palin, wrapping herself in the confederate flag is downright comical, but then again since she identifies with rednecks anywhere, I shouldn’t be surprised. The phony Duck Dynasty regulars must be so proud of her, but anyone with half a brain isn’t. She and Donald shame this nation in the eyes of the rest of the world.


  2. This election is going to be painful for both parties. The Republicans have Trump running an unscripted campaign without an image coach. He makes the other Republicans take an evasive stance or agree with his BSC (bat shit crazy) remarks. Bernie Sanders is a thorn for Hilary, Democrats, and Republicans because he’s addressing the real issues that affect most Americans. He won’t let the conversation be moved to irrational fears.


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