The Absurdity of the Palin Pregnancy Tales

“Shamus” reminded us ofthe absurdity of the Palin pregnancy stories.

JLO show October 2007 Bristol Pregnant

These are still shots from the video:

bristol 2007  pregnant jlo one

bristol preg 2007 jlo three sitting blouse draped

bristol 2007 pregnant jlo sign here is Bristol

bristol 2007 bristol pregnant again jlo

Pay particular attention to the length of Bristol’s white top. Only pregnancy tops are that long!

These other photos are important. See what you think:

bristol pregnant oct 2008

bristol pregnant on DWTS

bristol dwts gain weight

bristol oct 10, 2010

bristol pregnant in white shirt

These images are particularly troublesome given what we know, and has been documented about Sarah’s alleged pregnancy.

Of particular interest is the location of Sarah’s hands. Because she is wearing different clothing in each picture, it may be difficult to compare her abdomen size in each photo. However, the relation of her hands to her belly is remarkable. In the photo where she wanted people to think that she was pregnant, her hands are clasped below her extended “belly.” If her hands had been separated and moved up her abdomen, they would not have touched. Consider the relationship of her hands to her belly in other photos.

We know for sure that Bristol was not about to give birth to Tripp on December 14, 2008. Remember Tripp was reportedly born Dec. 29, 2008. However the most compelling evidence, to me, that Bristol did NOT give birth then is that there are NO pictures of Bristol at the hospital, no pictures of Sarah at the hospital, and no pictures of Willow, Piper , or Trigg at the hospital or holding their new nephew. Moveover, don’t forget who notified the media. It wasn’t Sarah, Todd, Bristol, or Levi. It was the SISTER OF BRISTOL’S GRANDMOTHER!

“We think it’s wonderful,” said Colleen Jones, the sister of Bristol’s grandmother Sally Heath, who confirmed the news. “The baby is fine and Bristol is doing well. Everyone is excited.”  Colleen Jones didn’t even state the birthdate.  It was implied, but not stated.

I don’t pretend to know how many children Bristol has given birth to, when they were born, where they were born, or who was the father. What seems clear is that the information fed to the press in not accurate.

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